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Hello Everyone,
I am new here. I came across this site as i am doing research planing my rerirement in 10yrs. Here is what i seek.......

I was born in oregon in 65.
Wife and i have talked of returning when i retire. We seek a vessel we can take offshore and possibly fish to supplement food or possible income (sell catch). My Dad (67 now) says we could "charter" vessel as well.
Here lies the perverbiable "pickle".
Wife would like to "camp" on ocean.
Need vessel to be easy to fish off of.
Would like good fuel economy.
No need to "fly" across the water,would rather get to destination with fuel to spare in case of emergencies but need enough power incase sea's swell have power to get home or a safe port.
Was looking at trawlers vs sport fisher as bayliners seem to have aft deck sit to high out of water and my back says NO WAY are you pulling in a 30lb +fish aboard.
Wife likes crabbing, i more salmon, tuna,marlin (BIG fish)

I am mechanic by trade. Dad is retired diesel/heavy equipment mechanic. So maintanance and mechanical not a problem.
Looking to invest 15k-30k for the right boat.
Question is...which is right for or wants/needs.
Have been all over internet and there are so many boats...brands....sizes. ..gets overwhelming.
Any advise is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
Keep the wid at your back,God bless and safe voyaging.

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Welcome aboard.


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Welcome to TF!

Never too soon to start planning - we are 12 yrs into (early) retirement and feel we benefited from early planning & prioritization.

A good place to start re finding the right boat is the "Sticky" Boat Search 101 in the general discussion section.
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Be sure you have the funds required. $15 to $ 30k is unrealistic except for a beater boat that will require lots of fix up dollars.
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You are probably $50,000 to $100,000 light for the kind of money you realistically need for the type of boat you are discribing.
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Sunchaser and Capt. Bill have given realistic comments on the costs of the type of boat you are contemplating. An additional cost to be aware of is the ongoing ownership cost of this basic type of boat. Ownership cost includes moorage, insurance, electricity (in the slip), fuel, servicing, maintenance, repairs and upgrades and these costs exist for every year you own the boat.

The purchase price is only the price of the ticket to attend the game. Ownership costs continue until you no longer have the boat and are often overlooked, particularly by first-time buyers. The advice we were given when we began thinking about acquiring a used cruising boat was to figure on spending ten percent of the purchase price of the boat for ownership cost every year we owned the boat.

This is obviously a VERY approximate figure because every boat will be different for a whole lot of reasons. But the ten-percent figure does have one important value and that is to provide someone new to this type of boating a reality check on what it costs to play the game.

Depending on the make, model, age, location and condition of the boat and the buyer's ability to perform some of the maintenance, repair and upgrade work him or herself, the actual ownership cost may be more than ten percent or less. And every year it will be different depending on what has to be done.

But as a realistic starting point ten percent of the purchase price, or if you really want to be safe, fifteen percent to allow for the higher cost of labor and materials today, is a good average to use for your initial "what can we afford" calculations.

We did this and over the 17 years we've owned the cruising boat we have in this area the figure has proven to be fairly accurate. Some years-- like this one--- have been very expensive due to major troubleshooting and repair work. Other years the expenses have been minimal outside of moorage and insurance.

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