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Regarding this Captains test thing

Help me out here guys.

How long should I let this go before posting the correct USCG answer.

Of the 7 questions I posted there are 5 on the board.

There was one suggestion on numbering the questions so people could look up old questions.

Any more ideas.

There are 9000 questions.

Should I just go 1 per day and call it good. Even if they are pretty easy as in question 6.

Or should I let it go away. I don't mind posting the questions. Butt I don't want to hog the board with this perhaps dumb idea.

If you can't repair it maybe it shouldn't be on the boat
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It's fun. Keep it up!

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Keep it going. It's a good review of proper boat handling.
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would suggest an answer after a day, but I would participate anyway if the answer were at the bottom of a thread. It not like there is any incentive to cheat. I would like to learn something. If it gets to the point that it seems to be eating up the general category, I think It deserves a category of its own.
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Assuming you have the time and energy, how about 5 questions per day with the answers provided to the previous days questions when the next ones are posted.

Barnegat Light NJ or Nantucket MA
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