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Potential New Build On The Horizon?

I guess anyone who enjoys boating as much as we do can argue that even one day without a boat is too long and something needs to change. Having recently passed the nine month mark since the sale of our last trawler combined with my better half (Mary) advising she is done boating (ouch), has left us both (mostly me) trying to figure out our next journey in life.

Staying in touch with a few who still own boats and reading updates posted on TF from those commissioning their new boats has kept me interested in possibly one more new build. Add in the past few weeks of long walks along the bay and different harbors watching all the boats and Mary agreed we need another boat. What type of boat and how will we will use it is the big question and something I recently mentioned on another post. Even with her endorsement I know there will be times I will be alone on the boat. Not sure if it will be trawler, sailboat or Downeast style day cruise but in the end it doesn't matter as long as it is a new build and I can enjoy the process.

For those who don't know me I grew up on the water on the east coast (Long Island, New York) fishing, clamming and just messing around on the water. Moved to southern California after college and have enjoyed 30 plus years of boating along the coast with trailered boats and a few trawlers. We lived aboard (part time) in San Diego on one of our trawlers which looking back were the of best times. I think it was the combination of a new adventure / life style, our age and situation all at the right time. Glade we did it but would not do it again.

As with most everyone on TF our needs and desires change over time which can make the choice of "which boat" interesting, challenging and fun. If its not fun then why do it? So as we look forward to "our last" new build one thing that will not change is the process we use to find that boat and this is what I plan to focus on with this thread. I would like to share our experience (yes, we did this on TF before with the last boat and received many thanks so why not do it again) with the new members and hope they can learn a thing or two.

This time it will be a little different since we will be researching two boats at the same time. Crazy, yes but we miss the water and need to find something smaller that gets us back to boating ASAP while we look for the "last boat" which will take a few years to complete. Its amazing how long the wait is today for a new build. The process will be same but with a few adjustments for the different boats and we expect the same results "finding the right boat for us".

So standby for a lengthy thread that will include the highs and lows of what we call "riding the wave" to find the next boat. At least I think that is what I called it the small book we wrote many years ago when we purchased our first Nordhavn.

For those who may think we have deep pockets and this is no big deal please wait. We are not wealthy and like others have had to sacrifice a few things in life for this life style. Out true success I believe has been finding the right boat and timing. If you are fortunate with both you can actually limit your investment losses (boats are a depreciation asset) and in some cases even "break even" (OK, get real close). Hope you enjoy....

John T. - N4050, N4061, N3522, H38E Former Trawler Owner
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I enjoyed your account of the last build. Looking forward to it.
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Originally Posted by N4061 View Post
So as we look forward to "our last" new build

John T. - N4050, N4061, N3522, H38E Former Trawler Owner
Wifey B:

Sorry I couldn't help it.

Still laughing, just a limit on the forum of 20 laughs.
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Since we will be looking at two different two boats close to the same time we know the first boat needs to somehow support the second boat (if possible) to help with the budget (dingy or day boat). So adding this into the process will make it even more interesting.

As with all other boats we will start with the 90% rule and ask ourselves two primary questions'
1. who will be aboard 90% of the time? Myself about 30% of the time and the two of us the balance of the time. No one else.
2. How will we use the boat 90% of the time? This boat will be used to keep us on the water during nice weather and for a few a hours. We want a boat we can trailer, visit harbors and new places from south of the boarder to Lake Tahoe. Many times I will likely take her out alone when the weather turns cool. We will likely use this boat for 2-3 years.

A final consideration is storage of the boat. Since we want to trailer the boat and do not want to leave it at a storage location (our new home is in an HOA which despite offering 2-3 acre lots does not permit RV and Boat parking) we need to fit it in our garage or build a new garage. This equals a boat under 21 feet and modest beam which will be too large for our next boat so we will likely need to think smaller.

A few boats I have in mind include a console RIB, cold molded skiff, sail boat and electric boat. While some could be carried on a good size trawler or ?? others could be towed. A lot to think about.

Funny how this journey has us thinking about the dingy before the boat.

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Good catching up today John. Good luck with the search.
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As Bill (H-43) knows I have been lurking around for awhile thinking about a boat to stay on the water so the next few updates actually occurred over the past few months. I want to post them as part of the "process" we want to focus on during this thread. The boat styles mentioned earlier in our "field of dreams" (size of the boat doesn't stop one from dreaming) included a number of very nice console RIB's including Zodiac, Argos, Highfield and Walker Bay. We are leaning towards Walker Bay in part since they are a US based company and appear to offer latest technologies in manufacturing. Size range between 10' - 15' which will accommodate the two of us (and Sailor Blue), easy to tow, able to launch & retrieve from the bigger boat and provide safe fun on the water. Large enough to cruise any harbor, lake or bay and tailorable. On a super nice day the larger size RIB could even go outside the break water for a spin or light fishing. We are exploring both gas and electric power. Price per foot on these boats appears reasonable (yes, subjective) and under $40K+/-. I can store these in the garage without any issues and they can be resold. As you can see above we followed the 90% rule and remained inside the boundaries of who will be aboard and will we use the boat 90% of the time.

Our next post will look at another type of boat.

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Next Boat Review

Now that we have reviewed RIB's the next boat we are studying is a cold molded skiff built in the NE. The boat is know as a West Pointer and the one we are interested in is built by Six River Marine in Maine. Why a wood boat? I have always admired the skill that goes into building boats and wooden boats require true craftsmen and women. The cold molded approach alleviates most issues with wood boats and is still used around the world including Turkey who builds Vicem Yachts. We can not go any larger than 16 feet and prefer electric OB over gas. While the existing model is hard chime we would like to round them off a little for a slightly softer ride. The ability to customize the interior layout is very appealing so this boat looks like a strong contender. Since she is a wood boat we need to be cautious of its weight since she may be stored topside on the next boat.

Does this boat pass the 90% rule - yes!

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