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PassageMaker versus Aviation Week

Should be a no brainer.

AW was my old life; PM my new one. I love reading about boats, cruising in boats, living on boats and of course, crossing oceans on small boats.

Now, this article in PM about another Kadey Krogen 42 is a great story.

Moveable Feast: A Restored Kadey-Krogen With A Culinary Core | | PassageMaker

This boat, in the above article, was the boat built just before Dauntless and they have made many of the same modifications that we have done on Dauntless. Hopefully in two years, we will be able to spend some time with them cruising the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

But the problem has been that while this is a great article, I find myself spending less and less time reading PM. Why, simply put, the magazine seems not as interesting to me as before.

Now whether that is a function of me having increased my knowledge base over the last few years or the magazine is simply not as interesting remains to be seen. Though I suspect it is the latter. PM seems to have more fluff pieces, with positivity, but with no real critical questions or thinking.

I think in the past year; I have not spent more than 30 minutes reading any particular issue.

Aviation Week on the other hand, after all these years, still seems the place to get news viewed with a critical eye. I can spend an hour or two on a whole range of things from commercial or military production to airlines and load factors.

Look at all these luscious headlines in the current issue:

Aviation Week & Space Technology December 2015 Magazine: Issue Contents

Who wouldn’t want to read about: New Space Pioneers, new turbofan engine technology, new aircraft accident information, Russian deployment of anti-aircraft system to Syria, etc.

A cornucopia of interesting things. I think I will subscribe to print version also. I like leafing thru the pages, looking at the pictures, the headlines and sub headers at a glance.

But for me, Science News is still number one.

Always interesting, a thin 25-page issue still captivates me for hours. It used to be a weekly, but is now every other week. Always a treat that covers the broad topic of science and scientific studies ranging from nutrition to plate tectonics and everything in between and out of this world.

And Lastly, hot off the press, from the 28 Nov Issue:

"Anti-protons behave just like protons and can be strongly binded together by the strong nuclear force"

"A rare reptile holds clue to penis evolution- even though it doesn't have one"

Now, this is actually news you can use.

Richard on Dauntless,
New York

a Kadey Krogen 42 currently:
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Aviation Week hands down, and I don't even fly. Passagemaker has lost its soul. Plus it only publishes eight or so issues a year. This while charging a high price.

Don on Moonstruck
Sabre 42 Hardtop Express & Blackfin 25 CC
When cruising life is simpler, but on a grander scale (author unknown)
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PM, in the early days of publication, was one of the magazines that I hunted down & studied for info & knowledge. Now, not at all; too much of big buck stuff and fluff. Good Old Boat, Practical Sailor all have a lot of interesting info. AW is great, altho' I don't get to see many of them. A lot of the other aviation magazines are starting to sling a bit more fluff. Perhaps its my age; more cynicism, less enthusiasm. Sure do like boat info tho'
1984 Californian 34 LRC
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Western Mariner!!

Western Mariner Magazine | The Magazine of the Coast
Don't believe everything that you think.
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Passagemaker has certainly shifted to lightweight status,which really sucks.
I find myself reading old issues in preference to the new issues.
All a bit sad.Maybe a hostile takeover is in order.
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PM lives by cash from its advertisers ,

so every article is positive , even slight "un good" is seldom seen.

AW is a professional journal ,no comparison.

For those that have boating interests,

Professional Boat Builder has a great variety of articles , and is my #1 choice if I could only have one.

I love the Economist (even with its left bias) but it takes far too long to read each week.

The best use for PM is to obtain 50 or 100 back issues to decide just what your desirements for a boat are.

How you will use it , what you need for size , and a realistic assessment of time/costs IF you purchase a "fixer uper".
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I stopped reading PM, and Cruising Under Power after Beebe's 1st edition, when it became apparent that these were just sources for advertising Nordhavns and Krogens and that the message I was receiving from both was that it was impossible to cruise in a powerboat if you didn't own one of those two.

These are completely "inside the box" publications and I have to admit that I respect guys like Buehler and Swain who still promote anti-establishment ways of thinking.
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I subscribe to PassageMaker Magazine. While not every article is interesting or relevant to me, it's far better than no boating magazine and it's far better and more relevant than the ones directed at bowrider or center console boaters. It's cheap entertainment in the off season.
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Originally Posted by FF View Post
I love the Economist (even with its left bias) but it takes far too long to read each week.

The best use for PM is to obtain 50 or 100 back issues to decide just what your desirements for a boat are.
Left bias? I thought it was a front for the the Telegraph and the Brit arms industry.. ;-)

Your back issue mention gives me an idea. The next time I pass a used mag store, I'm going to cherry-pick it and stash all them vintage boat mags around my V berth shelving. The same way I cruise the old books for sale in the library and stock up on summer cruising books.
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Here is one for you fly-boys (and girls)

Airplane on Landing Approach Runs Over a Deer | Patch

I've seen bird strikes but this is the first deer strike I've heard of.
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Agree that PassageMaker quickly turned into a puff sheet for advertisers. One day I decided that if had to read one more gooey paean to "maintenance strakes" in another gleaming Nordhavn's so-called "holy place," I was going to puke. Same for all the smug assertions about the trawler "lifestyle." I love boats and boating more than most folks, but that endlessly confectionary prose was over the top.

Sometimes PM would tack on an article about the real-world experiences of an actual boat and owner, but that was transparently an attempt to disguise the magazine's purpose, which was to introduce big-ticket boat and equipment brands to affluent, aspirational boaters, enriching the publisher in the process. Mission accomplished, I guess, but not on my dime.
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Originally Posted by ff View Post
pm lives by cash from its advertisers ,

so every article is positive , even slight "un good" is seldom seen.

Aw is a professional journal ,no comparison.


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