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Iím trying to match the gelcoat on my albin sundeck 40 it a 1990. So many whites where do I start? Help

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Are you trying to match the gelcoat with paint or more gelcoat?

Any time I've had to match gelcoat, e.g. to repair a small chip, I've used one of the kits where you can mix color into the gelcoat until it matches. So, I start out with the white and adjust it very, very slowly until it gets a good match. I look for excellent sunlight. Then I go from there. It is never perfect. But, since I've only every done small bits, it has worked well and no one but me would probably ever notice.

If you looking for a paint color that is a good approximation, each of the major brands has a color chart. Stores that sell the paint usually have it. Or, it can be ordered from an online distributor and delivered by mail. From there, I like to cut the little squares out with a utility knife and find a good match. I've never tried color-mixing or tinting any 2-part marine paint myself.

Make sure the area you are trying to match is really clean first. A light polish (or wet sand), but not wax on the spot is a good idea. Don't wax because it can interfere with adhesion if you don't get it all off during your prep.

At any rate, that's been my approach.

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Best tip I've found & used is to get s piece of clear mylar like the old fashioned overhead projector sheets and use s piece to do the mixing / matching on. You can do the comparison right on the gelcoat to compare the match.
Same material works great to cover the patch excluding air and leaves a smooth polished finish. Tape an oversized piece over the repair spot, hinge it out of the way when filling, scrape excess off w razor blade and hinge and tape the mylar over the patch until cured.
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before trying to match any old gelcoat, cut and buff to get down to the original colour. Otherwise your match will be to the faded/oxidised colour that your older boat has become.
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Google spectum color gelcoat.

They manufacture gel repair paste and gel coat for almost every boat manufacture. There is a dealer list in their catalog. If you bought a gel repair paste from the boat dealer it was most likely produced by Spectrum.

My boat was not on their list. I sent them a core sample from when I used a hole saw to make a hole for a thru hull. They found that it matched a certain year Boston Whaler and sent me the paste, along with the core sample per my request. The paste was a perfect match.

Even if the sample is from the bottom of the boat, the anti fouling can be removed and the gel coat buffed.

If you dont have any sample plugs, you could look behind cockpit bolsters, cabinets, upholstery and other places where gel coated fiberglass panels may exist. You can make a small hole behind those areas for a gel coat sample and it will be hidden.
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If you are looking for paint, AwlCraft can be color matched.

I’d first get color cards from Awlgrip and Interlux to see if you can buy something off the shelf that will work.
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Vessel Model: 1981 42' Hardin Europa
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Note that "Awlcraft SE" is not the "Awlcraft 2000" that most of us know. Nor is it the traditional LP "Awlgrip". Instead, it is a base coat + clear coat system like an automotive paint in this respect.

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