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Padded folding deck chairs

We are planning on getting 2 or 4 chairs .What are most of you using? Is the stainless steel frame worth the extra money? Anybody know of any deals ?
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Having had both the stainless and the aluminum type deck chairs, my observations are: (1) stainless is heavier to lift (2) plastic fixtures and fittings are the same quality (3) fabric and wooden seat innards materials are the same quality (3) unless kept dry (ie stored inside the boat) when not in use, the fabric and seating innards components are the weak link. In my opinion not worth the extra cost for a little more shine on the metal parts..
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I agree with Chrisjs. I have two of each from West Marine. I am in fresh water with covered slip and can tell no difference after three years.
Salt water and sun might make a difference.
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Padded folding deck chairs

We purchased (over the internet) a heavy duty polyester resin (plastic) chair made by Kettler. They are really high quality and have taken a lot of sun and salt over the past 9 years while continuing to look brand new. We had our canvass guy make seat and back cushions and a storage bag for chair and cushion as well.
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I've had wood, stainless, and aluminum, in the future I'm going to start using the variety that fold up into a bag. From Walmart etc about $15.
Steve W.
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I'm a cheap bastard by nature and couldn't swallow $200+ per chair. Home Depot had a patio furniture sale last summer and I purchased 4 comfy chairs for $70. We couldn't be happier.

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I have 3 of the padded vinyl aluminum frame chairs and agree that the cushion frames are the weak link. When in our covered slip, I keep the chairs under fitted covers. The internal wood frames of the seats are the weak link in two of the smaller chairs. I have had to brace the seats with aluminum bracing.

I doubt the SS frames would provide any greater longevity, especially in a freshwater environment.

This shows the aluminum bracing along the back edge of the seat bottom which has cracked on both smaller chairs.

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I bought 3 Taylor Made about 10 years ago, they were around $100 each. Kept them inside except on weekends when we used them, they lasted maybe 3 years. They were made in China and I'll not buy anything with Taylor Mades name on it. I also would like to find a quality deck chair.
Ron on Northern Lights II
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I have four of the aluminum framed units. Although I agree with the above as far as weak links in the design, I have to say that I haven't been in any chair of equal stability #1, and as gentle on the deck #2. I've had others, but all of them tended to gouge the deck finish.

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We bought four of the WM brand chairs with stainless frames about 4 years ago. They still look like new after 4 years of being outside.
Mike and Tina
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We like stackable chairs with powder coated frames and easy care fast drying seats and backs. These also have wide leg tips that don't gouge or mark the teak deck. We found these at a patio furniture store. Four stack in the same space as one and we bought a cover to keep them clean and dry when stored.
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We have four. Two SS / two aluminum framed. Two on boat with other chairs, two in basement. We currently enjoy the lighter aluminum for general use. Been six years, so far no problem. Comfortable and rugged. These two wear out... then, the two SS heavier come out!

Rubber foot pads have needed replacement. Some of the plastic caps on tube ends have become brittle and chip. As HopCar says in next post - couple rivets gave up, simple to replace with small SS bolts; I always have full assortment of SS fastenings (1000 +) in assortment boxes on board.

Target, HD, Lowes... etc... $15 to $35 fold-out specials can be real comfortable too. I recommend sitting in one for minutes before purchase. Each model feels different. Some even have top shade that comes out over head with foot rest and drink holders!
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I sold a friend of mine a couple of Garelick Mariner chairs a few years ago. They seem to be holding up well and they are comfortable.

When buying an aluminum framed chair for marine use, get one with an anodized frame. They will hold up better around salt water. Garelick offers the Mariner both anodized and not anodized so be sure which one you're getting a price on.

Most of this type of chair are assembled with rivets. The rivets eventually fail but you can often replace them with a machine screw and lock nut.
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Check out the Seattle Boat Chair Company. Great products and they ship anywhere.
Richard Soto, Whidbey Island WA
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Now that I can post pictures I would have added this to #3
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2013 06 07_20130609 Blue Springs_1698.jpg  
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Walmart $15 comes with a bag for easy stowage.
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We have 4 teak type, acacia wood I think, folding slatted chairs, plus a folding table. They look the part on an older boat, are surprisingly comfortable, stack away easily,are fine used in the cockpit or cabin. Cost about $50 each, will outlast me.
2005 Integrity 386 "Sojourn"
Sydney Australia
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Walmart $15 comes with a bag for easy stowage

And the built in cup holders gymbol and are large enough to hold a beverage in an insulated cozy.

If they get ratty , they can be replaced for less than the sales tax on a White Boat chair.
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We've had a couple of the aluminum-frame chairs similar to those pictured (probably Garelick, not sure, but no fish on the backrest ), and we're just now trashing the second of those in a couple days. The first went to the dumpster a couple weeks ago, as the wood seat bottom was blowing out.

Agree with Chrisjs' description.

We got our chairs in approx. 2001... so I think we've gotten our money's worth. OTOH, the frame look like crap, and have done for about 10 of those years.

OTOOH, we mostly leave 'em out in the cockpit, no matter what the weather... so they deserve to look like crap.

OTOOOH... they do take up some space, so even through they're more comfortable than most folding "camp" chairs... we're moving to the folders so we can store 'em and move 'em easier, bring out more when we need to, etc. That said, any old folding camp chair just doesn't work. Many have a horrible backrest angle, not at all comfortable for any length of time... so we had to do some shopping to find something really suitable. The last decent ones I found were by Coleman, but Coleman also offers some chairs I wouldn't wish on anybody.

I haven't decided whether to replace the white chairs. The back angle and the seat cushion are both very comfortable, still more comfortable the the folding camper chairs...

Chesapeake Bay, USA
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Those $15 Walmart chairs are the other extreme though - very, very flimsy. The last two we bought broke and collapsed the first evening we used them. We're not skinny by any means but we're not 900 lbs either. Next time we're going to try the good old tubular aluminum folding chairs with the 2" webbing that they've been making since the 1950's.
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