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Other cool websites for Trawler "Heads"

As a Trawler "Head", I'm curious what other cool websites might be out there besides Trawler Forum and PassageMaker?

I love to read all the great stuff that you all add to these forums.* Just wondering if anyone has found other great websites to surf for Trawler fanatics?

Thanks for any help.


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Other cool websites for Trawler "Heads"

One of the first sites is still going strong. It's not a web forum like this one but is e-mail based. It's called "Trawlers and Trawlering," or "T&T" for short. You subscribe to it on the web at but you get the daily posts via e-mail. You can either elect to get every post as it's posted as a separate e-mail (be aware you may get over a hundred e-mails on any given day) or you can elect to receive the daily digest, which is all that day's posts in one e-mail that usually comes in sometime in the evening.

You can also access the T&T list via the archives that are linked on the website. Posts sent to T&T appear in the current month's archives almost immediately, so you can use the archives almost as you do a forum like this one. However if you want to reply to a post, you need to copy the relevant text and then paste it into an e-mail form that will open when you click on the sender's link in the post.

Every communications forum has its pros and cons.* An advantage to T&T is that it draws people from all over, with all sorts of experience levels.* I believe there are several thousand active participants.* So a question will generally get you a lot of answers.

A disadvantage (in some people's eyes) is that the adminstrators of the site make a strong effort to keep the whole site on topic.* This is because as an e-mail site, everyone is forced to receive every post.* Were discussions to morph into political or "gun ownership" topics, the number of posts would skyrocket and a lot of people would get pretty upset, particularly the active cruisers who get their e-mail via phone links.* So the list is pretty strictly moderated and if discussions start wandering too far off-topic or get personal, a moderator can apply a filter to stop any further posts on that subject.

But as a source of boating information, T&T is quite good.

Most of the specific makes of trawlers have owner sites, sometimes more than one. While some of the information and discussions will be specific to that make, there will also be lots of information you can apply to almost any make of boat. On the Grand Banks owners forum, for example, there is a ton of information on taking care of teak decks, overhauling windows, maintaining engines, painting products and techniques, what kind of refrigerator is best, and on and on, all of which are as applicable to other makes of boat as to Grand Banks.

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RE: Other cool websites for Trawler "Heads"

I spend most of my boating web time here but I'm a regular participant
on a very big and international forum called "". There can
be over 60 people on one thread at one time and there's many many
threads. Wonderful as it is it's boat building and design.Anchoring and what size TV to put in one's boat need not apply. One can surf extensively and have a real meaningful experience without getting involved. Much of the time I don't have a lot of understanding about what they are talking about but much of the I do. I've seen over 100 links that take me to fascinating places around the world. There are lots
of very very savy full blown naval archetects and there are others that
live in the woods and don't have a clue. Amazingly these high up experts will answer questions that must seem elementry to them. A casual amateur like
myself falls in the middle somewhere. One topic just discused was "power
needed to drive a planing hull at disp speeds compared to a full disp
hull". At this point there's over 900 posts on the thread "how to design a fast row boat". Another one of our guru's is on Boat I'm on two Yahoo groups related to boats. Willard Boat Owners and Atkin Boats. Wm and John Atkin are very well known designers from 5 to 8 decades ago. I love to look at their boats. Lately I've been spending considerable time on Yacht World**** .....listings of many hundreds of boats for sale world wide. We have a link to YW under "Classifieds". I also bookmark Fisheries Supply and West Marine along w many boating products.
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Other cool websites for Trawler "Heads"

One of the best for engine info and guidance is*

My $25/yr membership has been worth it many many times over.*

If you're interested in Alaska boating, fishing, hunting, optics, photography and other topic areas, check out the Alaska Outdoors Forums.

It's more oriented toward sailing, but if you're a long distance cruiser there's useful info on Cruisers Forum.

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RE: Other cool websites for Trawler "Heads"

Cruising in British Columbia looking for hikes and places to walk the dog close to shore this unique site has been very helpful
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RE: Other cool websites for Trawler "Heads"

Not a forum but has lots of trip planning information
Steve W

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