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That's also a consideration for rebuild of the existing engines. I'm assumng this is a salt water boat. Not sure I'd want to invest in quality rebuild of a raw (salt) water cooled block. Maybe consider short or long block (as apporpriate) with your old bolt-ons and a San Juan fresh water cooling kit. Probably need to consider fresh exhaust risers while you're at it.
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"I thought about fresh water conversion, but I'm not sure it's worth it???"

Back when most boats were sea water cooled the expected engine life was about 7 years.

With engines that were expected to run 1,000 or 1,500 hours , engine changes were fairly common.

Either worn out or rusted thru.

Just look at the adds in a 1950 Yachting mag.

FW cooling is not hard or expensive , esp if you can find used heat exchangers .
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How often would you take it out?

Can you easily haul the boat out(you'll need to if you want to replace them)?

Do you want to go fast?

This is a trawler forum but i'd start collecting parts to put together 2 350 chevy's. I'd put them on stands in my garage and check them out top to bottom to get everything as ready as I could for when I haul out.

I'm not a fan of 454's personally and would rather lose the speed.

Another option would be a bracket with an outboard.

I wouldn't consider diesels unless you are almost constantly on the move.
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Originally Posted by Pau Hana View Post
Here is an option, and right in San Diego! You'll have to check if you can use standard rotation engines, or need a reverse rotation engine...

Pair of 350 Mag "Horizon's" w/300hp ea. | Affordable Marine Service

I will need one reverse rotation.... or different prop?
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"They aren't going to last as long, but you get a much lower initial cost at purchase."

With modern gassers going 4,000 hours and rec boaters doing 200 hours or so a year , 20+ years from now when the gasser needs replacement , the air police will probably decide the engine you require.

Brand new crate engines will be different then , but probably still the lowest cost for R&R.
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City: tallahassee
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You could always get creative. These people got this boat home a long distance with this setup(the boat is beautiful now BTW).

Nice photo out of respect.

A boat doesn't become a dock potato if it's being used. With working engines would it be taken out often enough to make it worth it?

After googling the boat it looks like a decent candidate for diesels. I'd buy a pair of used ones for around $10,000(probably a pair of volvo's because they are plentiful), paint/freshen them up and swap them in.
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