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A new kitten...

Last Novemver, our 15 year old sea cat, Omar the Persian went to that great marina in the sky. We are now lookin' for another cat, either an exotic shorthair or a ragdoll. Any thoughts on either one?

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Smart cats are more fun than lumps of fur , the Persians are among the smartest.

Have also had a Maine Coon cat , so pleasant we named the boat after her LUCY, a good looking cuddly Oboma voter.

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Adopt from a no kill shelter if possible, it will do you both good!
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I know some of the specialty breeds are neat but a shelter cat will bring you much more joy and the no kill shelters offer a great variety of breeds.
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Please adopt a shelter cat. This is the right time of year. The shelters are full of new born kittens. My favorites are the good old American Short Hair Tabby. I love black cats as well. Every one I've know has had a great personality but because of stupid superstitions they have a hard time finding homes.
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When my current wife and I married she had um ... too many cats all adopted from shelters at an older age and I had 3 cats all raised from Kittens (two mixed breeds and one pure breed). After 4 years together we have noticed that my cats are much friendlier, more outgoing and better behaved than hers. I'd say if you do adopt from a shelter make sure it is a young friendly kitten, it will make a better pet in the long run.

I have found that Ocicats (originally a cross between Abyssinian and Siamese) are very pretty, intelligent and playful. They have a leopard spot pattern like an Ocelot. They also live a long time. Mine will be 20 years old this summer.

By the way here, are the top 10 rated breeds for intelligence according to The 10 smartest cats in alphabetical order:
1. Abyssinian Cats
2. Bengal Cats
3. Burmese Cats
4. Cornish Rex Cats
5. European Burmese
6. Scottish Fold Cats
7. Siamese Cats
8. Singapura Cats
9. Tonkinese Cats
10. Turkish Van Cats

Singapura are a very small breed derived from a street cat in Singapore. I think they would make a very good boat cat. Bengal's are a wild cat domestic cat cross. They might be good at keeping seagulls off the boat if they don't run away. They are generally large and athletic. They are very pretty, but be careful some still have a little too much wild cat left in them.
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Just what I need. A 20 year cat that's smarter than me.

FF your Obomer voting Maine Coon sounds great.

Had a black and white "walk on" cat (he was not recuited) that lived to be 18.

Being in the real estate business, naturally he was named FSBO (fizbo) for sale by owner. He never sold.
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I had a European Burmese in a former life, bought as a kitten. Absolutely beautiful cat, I named him Sven and his nickname was the blond bombshell. Very outgoing and LOVED being around people. Unfortunately he was also a night owl and it got to the point that I had to lock him out of the bedroom to be able to sleep, otherwise he would wake me up through various means, like headbutting me or playing in my hair. LOL. He loved to play fetch, too.
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Aggie is a tabby calico we adopted about ten years ago when she was perhaps 6 months old. Lizards and gophers are still no match for her. Great disposition but we're going to keep her on land.

Our next feline friend will be our boating companion. I just feel like she's a bit along in age to introduce to boating. Most of our pets are former abused/severe neglect adoptions so as such we are used to rehabilitating our pets.


It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled - Mark Twain
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