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Much hesitation in posting this

my boat buying decision has finalized down to two models; monk 36 and great harbor 37 flybridge. This is firm. However, I am completely at a loss at price difference in the decision making in that monks , good ones too, can be had at 75k while the n37 at 12 yrs old start at 270k. Even if money amount isn't really a deciding factor am still really at a loss. What am I missing? The n37 has so much more; 2,000nm range with 150gal water tank, 2 54hp.yanmar etc. Help!!
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The n37 has so much more; 2,000nm range with 150gal water tank, 2 54hp.yanmar etc. Help!!
You answered your own question. Two very different boats by the way. Why the choice is only between those two is curious.

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For starters the N37 is two feet wider at the beam which adds a lot of extra material compared to the Monk. Another factor is old are the Monks?

Those are two radically different boats...
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The interior volume and displacement of an N37 is huge compared to a Monk. Its like comparing a single wide mobile home to a double wide.
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Good choices!! And I disagree with those that say "why only those 2 boats?". With the amount of choices out there I think it's good to be able to narrow down a search....or you'd never buy anything! Every boat is a compromise as we all know.

But I do agree that those boats are VERY different. I'll make it easy for you....BUY THE GREAT HARBOUR N37. That boat is so sweet and beamy.

2005 Silverton 35 Motoryacht
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Wow. Two such vastly different boats on a short list. They are similar in length and they’re both made from fiberglass, that’s about it. If you prefer a 75K investment, no contest...the Monk wins. If you want space, no contest....the GH wins.

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Consider the $270K N37 you mention was a salvage job if it is Cabana. Good N37s with a flybridge are much higher.
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Are you considering a specific N37 that's currently available? There are only something like 20 boats in existence. If not you might want to be a little less firm on your short list.

WRT market value, it's just that. The supply is extremely limited and the boat has a strong following.
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Are you prepared to buy right now? Or is this a down the road dream?

The reason is that very few people post a choice of two boats with a difference of $200,000

If you have the capability to spend $275,000 or more there are a lot of choices in boats. I won’t argue that the GH is not the perfect choice in boats, and I won’t argue that it is.

I also won’t argue that the monk is not the perfect boat or that it is, but you are not comparing apples to apples.

All that said the GH would win hands down, but it’s you that has to write the check.
Kevin Sanders
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I'm assuming you've done some homework and may have seen the below threads. There are more. Being as different as they are, I'd try to spend time on each if at all possible and, better bring the Admiral with you. N37 used to be available for charter but I'm not sure they are available any longer.
EDIT: corrected duplicate links.

Best of luck and have fun with the one you decide on.
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In your prior thread you mentioned that you will be single-handing:

You also mentioned in that thread a new Helmsman 31 as a contender for your boat bucks. So I am guessing that you have eliminated the Helmsman 31?

Now I see that Joe got you interested in the Great Harbour N37 that he is selling, and you are still also attracted to the Monk.

There is a Liveaboard section here on TF that is well worth reading all the way through, and I will suggest that it will help you define what might be most important to you in a liveaboard boat.

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