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More Shenanigans

Or how I spend my days.

I have a 12v heating pad on my bed and it is probably the only thing keeping me from becoming a frozen board by morning. During the last few days I have come to understand that the current for this heating pad is not going through my Victron Battery Monitor. I figured this out by watching the current draw and the voltage, as I turn on the heating pad. The current does not change, but the voltage does.

Thatís bad. My initial reaction was to do nothing, but this morning, after stirring the pot a bit on Cruisers Forum, I decided I should do something about it.

Why? Inquiring minds want to know? Because I used a positive lead that also powered this red light that is under my bed stand and over the flux gate compass. So now, what bothered me even more was that if the heat pad was not going thru the Victron, it meant that the supply line was not coming from the main distribution panel, which could also mean that it is not going thru any circuit breaker. Thatís a problem. While I put fuses on most things I add, I want everything to go thru at least one of the distribution panels and its respective circuit breaker.

That also allows me to know that when I turn everything off, everything is actually off and unpowered.

Now as to why there is a red light, in a 2 ft. by 1 ft. night stand is a good question. The most likely reason I can come up with, is that the first owner saw the need to put the little people down there to navigate and provide better information for the fluxgate compass, as it surely needed it.

I guessing the little people escaped once I got to Ireland, because I have never seen them.

But thatís clearly a whole other story.

So, I decided, how hard can it be? I crossed the Atlantic; this shouldnít take more than a half hour. Whenever you think something shouldnít take more than a half hour, pack a lunch and probably a dinner too.

Now, 5 hours later, Iím done. Iíll just give you the highlights, which included:

ē Spending an hour to out back together the Japanese 12v DC outlet, including spending at least 20 minutes putting a little bolt in backwards and not understanding why it didnít tighten anything.

ē Spending an hour trying to get a too fat a wire thru too small a hole, then a different wire, then too many shenanigans to mention; before finally drilling another hole.

ē Getting everything all back together, turning on the circuit breaker only to see a draw of 0.7A when everything was off. Knowing there was nothing plugged into any of the 12v outlets, I quickly checked the propane solenoid, and thank god, I had left it on and it was the culprit.

So after all that, but now, I turn on the heating pad and itís not clear that I have corrected the problem.

Itís not clear because even though it is raining and of course cloudy, the solar panels still put about a quarter amp into the batteries and I have no easy way to turn that off.

Tonight, we shall see what we shall see.

Nothing Changed!

Once it was dark, by 16:30, it was clear that absolutely nothing had changed. No current being registered on the Victron.

I decided to start watching a new Korean Drama.

So this morning, after my tasty breakfast of lemon meringue pie and coffee, I decided to tackle the elusive heating pad again.

I realized that I had just changed the load source and not the ground and the Victron was measuring through the ground. Duh

This time it only took me an hour.

But I sure am glad I had made that larger hole yesterday, otherwise Iíd still be around with it.

Now, I wish I would have thought to wire in an indicator light.

Richard on Dauntless,
New York

a Kadey Krogen 42 currently:
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Oh yes, why is it on a boat everything, even the simple things turn complicated? Come to think of it that seems to be life! Glad you got it resolved and hope you are staying warm!

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Oh yeah, been there done that! Also those mystery wires coiled up and hanging with a label in Chinese at the main panel, those are my favorite.
Thanks, Oliver
M/V Oliver
Nordhavn 47 Hull #12
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