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RE: Monk 36 Refit Update

Granite tops are now installed in the galley!! Still a few things to do to wrap it up...install microwave below the cooktop, put switch plates back on the outlets (had to move them to get granite in), and get the granite cover piece that goes over the storage/garbage can spot in the corner that is open in the pic (they brought it but did not polish the edges so they had to take it back to the shop). I think it looks a LOT better and getting rid of the fiddles around the edge of the old countertops and creating a solid counter all the way across has given us a lot more counterspace and it looks better I think.
Pics attached!

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TF Site Team
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RE: Monk 36 Refit Update

Wow! Does that ever pop!
Was that a single piece? If so, how did you manage getting it through the door?
How are you supporting the lid for the little cabinet in the corner?
I am redoing my own countertop with granite and I asked the supplier to bevel the edges of the lid in the corner, so that it would fit flush. the guy wouldn't cut it without having me come down to the shop and go over that part. I have the pieces now, but I haven't started putting it all together just yet. This is part of a much bigger order of granite and I need to get the bathrooms at home done before I can tackle the boat.
Your choice of granite is very similar to what I and my wife chose for 2 of our bathrooms at home. The boat gets a nearly white countertop.
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RE: Monk 36 Refit Update

Looks really great Woodsong! Did you have to compensate for the extra weight? Was 2m an option vs the 3m? I wonder if cracking would be a problem with the flexing of the boat if one used the 2m? Could you compensate with more rods epoxied in?
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RE: Monk 36 Refit Update

I see you have two sets of outlets there.* If it is like mine, one is 120V AC, and the other 12V DC.* Do you use your DC outlets for anything?* I'm thinking of getting 5 amp inverter for laptops etc and maybe a small flatscreen TV.*

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Monk 36 Refit Update

Glad you all like it! We're excited. Removing the fiddles around the old formica tops and the old stove so that we could create continuous and uninterrupted countertops made BIG difference in our tiny little galley! Most of the Monk 36's either have an undermount fridge just forward of the sink or a full size fridge far to starboard of the cooktop location. Both those configurations have decent counter space. Ours has a a full size fridge just forward of the sink....great for fridge/freezer space which we love, but bad for counter space! So these tops converted our very chopped up galley with virtually no counter space to being able to function much, much better. We struggled over the propane/electric debate but in the end I think this configuration will really meet our needs better as well as our cruising style. We have a very large 8KW generator (well, large for a 36' trawler anyway) so we have plenty of generator power to run everything and I like how much it opened up the galley, created the most counterspace, and I think it gives a nice classy yet modern look.

Keith, countertop was made in 2 pieces. There is a seam between the sink and the stove.

Daddyo, we went with the thicker 1.25" material. I was a little concerned about the weight causing a list to starboard where the galley is but reality is that after the cut outs for sink, etc. we are only talking around 200 lbs. Not light per say, but definitely not an excessive load for the boat. I checked the boat from a nearby 80' slip and it appears to not have created any list at all. The Monk 36 tends to actually list to port due to all the huge storage lockers in the aft stateroom on the port side unless an owner is conscious of how much junk they put in those storage lockers, so if anything and as luck would have it, the weight of these tops should help counteract that attribute on our Monk.
I am not too worried about the tops cracking...they are 1.25" thick and fully supported entire span as I left the old 1/2" plywood base/formica covered tops in place due to them being glued in too good to remove. They should help support it and reality is that they cover a very small area. I figure the marble slabs in both heads at the vanity sinks haven't cracked in all these years so hopefully we'll be ok...I hope to not test them anytime soon in 10' seas!!

WOODY- good eye- yes....outlet to left is 12V, outlet on right is 110V. *The 12V outlet is not working...gotta trouble shoot it.

We're pretty happy with the new countertops- glad you all like them!!

I would be remiss if I did not mention that Trawler Forum member MOONSTRUCK helped me procure the granite folks since I am new to the Chattanooga area and he's got contacts!

Stay big project...remodeling the kid's stateroom from a double bed to bunk beds or really, a pseudo-vberth. After that- taking her down the river to get topsides painted in January (was going to do this month but got too busy at work).

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