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On our boat, I can't see the swim platform. It is helpful having my wife stand at the back of the boat telling me how far I am from the pilings. Haven't done quietly it we had so but somehow see more civilized than screaming that were only 2 foot away, and "oh gawd, there goes the paint job."
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Saw you in Princess last week. I was driving the red inflatable as we entered. Noted your unique kayak location.
Hi Keith. This boat?
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-- Rusty
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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Eartec wireless. We use them almost every day, and wouldn't be without them.
Exactly. Cellphones (and BT) are great (and cheap) if you're in a service area. Eartec devices work anywhere (hands-free too). We're on our 3rd generation devices from them now with no wires (headsets).
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Originally Posted by Seevee View Post

Thx for the "crack me up comment" and a few comments did have some humor in them. But I'm sur you've seen a lot of that, over and over again. I saw it day before yesterday, spouse is standing on the bow, line is slack, and I said to myself.... this will be interesting. He totally botched the approach and landing, but didn't knock her off. I would have helped if I could have gotten there quick enough. Fortunately it was a small boat, mid 20s, but would have made a good UTube video.

Headsets are great.... at least folks won't hear us swearing.

Yep, for sure we've seen "learning (or not) in public."

And even when the process seems to be going smoothly...

I often see crew standing at the bow (the skinny part of the boat), approx as far away as possible from where bow and spring lines would attach to piles... instead of standing closer to midships (the fat part of the boat) when boats are docking. And in those same instances, I often see the helmsperson backs the boat all the way into the slip, instead of stopping 2/3rds (or so) of the way in for a brief time.... so that deck crew person has no choice but to try to hurl lines onto piles from the skinny part of the boat.

Anyway... I expect one situation where headsets are especially useful is when the helm can't see some parts of the boat, or can't see crew. We're lucky with our sportfish configuration in that I can easily see the bow and the swim platform -- and most of each side deck -- from my helm. And the boat isn't all that large. But our dock neighbor has a "sedan bridge" sort of boat with the helm positioned far forward, and he can't see squat, aft. I wish he'd get some headsets.

Chesapeake Bay, USA
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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
Anyway... I expect one situation where headsets are especially useful is when the helm can't see some parts of the boat, or can't see crew.
Except for the title of this thread (Marriage Savers) My reason for buying a set of Senas was as described above. All navigating is done from the fly bridge on my boat & although the 360 view is great, the close in stuff (slip) is not. Here are some pics of a typical approach to the slip where I have 1 foot of clearance on each side.
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Done with diesel power boats! Have fallen in love with all electric!
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The prior owner of my boat left a set of older Eartecs (with belt pack) on the boat. They have worked flawlessly thus far.

If you have the same crew each time, wireless comms may not be a big deal. But if you're like me and your crew changes from trip-to-trip, with differing combinations of family and friends, the headsets are a game changer.
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Originally Posted by Gordon J View Post
Wondering if anyone can recommend a good set of wireless two-way radio/headsets for on-board comms during docking.

At first reading of your post's title, I thought you might be asking advice for a toilet
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[As the saying goes, "There's more than one way to skin a cat" (what a bizarre saying), and our cat was adequately skinned for many years with hand signals, shouting, walkie-talkies, cell phones, portable VHFs, etc. Whatever works.

However, when we started using the Eartec headphones, it was a revelation. Our communication may have been adequate, but it wasn't all that good. There's nothing like conversing in a normal volume and tone of voice, in a normal manner to transfer information ("Stern is still 4 feet from the dock"), let your mate know what you're doing ("I'll spring off the breast line & back down."), give a warning ("The anchor's heavily fouled with kelp, keep her in place.") or just chat coming into an anchorage ("Look, there's Jim & Judy on OL' BLUE."). We love 'em, even though we did without them for years, I'd hate to give them up now

This is a posting from a similar thread back in August. I might add one thing - we use the headphones anytime a crewmember goes on deck while underway. If you step on deck while away from the dock and not anchored, you wear your PFD and your headset giving you constant communication with the skipper at all times, even if it's just a loud yell while you are falling overboard...
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Sena SPH10-10. Wireless, bluetooth with good fidelity and comfortable to wear. They are not just for docking. Very valuable for communicating when you are in the engine room and your mate is at the helm, or you are up the mast and your mate is at the electrical panel. They also work seamlessly with our cell phones for hands-free talking while driving the boat. Worth every penny.
Dick Hermann
Great Harbour N37 Avocet (sold)
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We have Eartecs, and I find there are many more times I wish we had put them on than times that we wore them unnecessarily.

It seems that the times I most want to signal my wife, she is paying more attention to what she is doing than to my signals...
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Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
Hi Keith. This boat?
I should have stopped to say hello!
We were out for an OTW training run (On the Water). Poked into both Conover & Princess, saw all was well, did some mock shore searches, through Chivers pass, around some of the smaller islands, then returned to base (Vesuvius) as darkness fell. Boat name is Amarah Gabriel.

We use these: They are built into our helmets. Even cut out wind noise at 45knots. There is a radio PTT button on the front of the mike, so the radio calls are also through the headset, wirelessly.
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