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Originally Posted by oldhatt View Post
So I was pleasantly surprised when Janice aboard Seaweed showed in great detail how she solved this problem.

She used a simple $100 Haier air conditioner coupled with a Moby-Cool AC cover. The result is an inexpensive, effective way to keep her boat cool.
Great write up. I didn't catch how Janice mounted the Heier unit to the roof though. Got to be more than double sided foam tape to the Moby-Cool?

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Originally Posted by janice142 View Post
Note to Capt.Bill11: Rust would not normally be an issue for the wall-banger solution I detailed. For several months I was downwind (across the dock) from an 85' steel shrimp boat doing a major overhaul. Between the grinding, chip hammers and more, well, it rained steel dust on my Seaweed. A year later I still am finding more rust spots.
My comment wasn't directed to you and your installation.

It was directed at the split unit installation.

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Originally Posted by HeadedToTexas View Post
Great write up. I didn't catch how Janice mounted the Heier unit to the roof though. Got to be more than double sided foam tape to the Moby-Cool?

Oops Tex. I missed that part. Thanks so much for catching it. I did update the article.

For your convenience here is what I said:

First the picture:

On hand I had another piece of teak the width of the Moby-Cool approximately 1" by 1/2". That was used as a backing plate. (blue arrow)

Four screws (green arrows) hold the air conditioner in place. They go through the cover, teak backing plate and then into the air conditioner.

Still I was concerned that in rough seas the a/c might bounce back. Thus I used a piece of aluminum angle iron ("L" bracket) as a brace to prevent the a/c from moving aft. It is wedged in and won't wiggle.

When the Haier finally gives up the ghost I'll simply remove the four screws, lift up and pull aft. Replacement will be easy with another similar unit. Because Edwin wired in an outlet swapping air-conditioners could not be simpler.

Truly I am blessed.

P.S. - Thanks again for pointing out I missed the most obvious thing. That's very helpful.

Janice aboard Seaweed, living the good life afloat...
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Folks that want to install a more perminiant RV thru the roof style unit will need a 14x14 hatch it can work thru.

The RV units will last , as long as salt spray is not a constant with the boat in motion.

Folks that are put off be the price , $500 - $600 can find a $929.95 unit from Flagship Marine (almost a boat buck!) they claim is marinized.

Stuart Fl ,,,,,,,.,
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Just installed a 12000 btu mermaid air unit into my 32 grand banks. Very little trouble, and well worth it.

These guys proved to be very helpful during my install:

Never heard of any boat drowning from a badly installed AC system... this has to be a great exaggeration...

Boat came with some tint on the windows, not sure what brand, but starting to come up in some areas. Considering redoing whole thing with V-Kool

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