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RE: Magnetic Fuel Conditioner

"For the 150 hour or so per year boater, what are the advantages of extended oil change intervals."


But this IS the "trawler forum " so perhaps one in 500 will someday* be able to use the information.

Those aground in their own coffee grounds can pit it on the "Must Have" list as another* reason to remain at the power pole.

<cite> </cite>is another company that sells equippment for traveling with cleaner oil.


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Magnetic Fuel Conditioner

When I worked rebuilding big diesel generators several decades ago the salesman lined up to sell bypass filters. They work very well (the filters not the salesman) and do clean a lot of the finer particles the direct flow filters can not. However after installing bypass filters we never altered or extended the interval for changing oil and full flow filter. The cost of changing oil and filter was and still is insignificant compared to braking down due to sizing a bush due to poor lubrication.

In a pleasure boat, I wouldn't mind installing one of them if there is time/ room and money but not with the aim of saving money on oil, but in order to keep the insides of the engine and the oil as clean as the first day. That is a good result, and change the oil as you would normally.

As per the magnets...well you*said it all. It is a scam like all the other magnets scam.
However ...
There is a magnet that you can apply to your thingy and it will make it grow bigger.
Now there is imagination for you. Someone must be buying those too.

Now if it makes the thingy grow...would it also make the fuel level rise? Now that is a claim worth mentioning!

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RE: Magnetic Fuel Conditioner

I have a personal experience that show's the magnets DO work. A few years back I was running a totally rebuilt LCM 8 landing craft. The boat had suffered a fire and was rebuilt from the water line up. The owner installed the magic magnets because he said the salesman at the boat show insisted they did great things. One day while motoring along the engine began loosing power just like it would with a clogged filter, so naturally I changed the filters out, but still couldn't get them to run. It turns out that the magnets had grabbed some rusty debris and now the unit was totally clogged. It took a while to figure out, but only a few minutes to take apart and clean. I wanted to throw the whole thing overboard, but the owner spent a lot of money on them and wouldn't allow me. Changing the filter when this stuff comes down the line is far faster and safer than cleaning out the magic fuel conditioner. For me it was a safety issue. So, they did something, but it wasn't good, and they could have put me on the beach (not always a good thing, even in a landing craft) ..........Arctic Traveller

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