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Originally Posted by kulas44 View Post
Thanks, been a lurker here for awhile, used to spend a lot of time over on the "other" trawler forum, great bunch of folks. Also like a couple of fishing/boat forums and the old standby WoodenBoatForum. I really like the discussions here, especially this one. If I come off a little "know-it-ally" I apologize. I'm probably like the old boy that has never driven or rode in anything but a 1974 pinto. He would tell you that you cannot pass uphill, end of story. My experiences are not vast enough to support my opinions, but I dont mind being called out either. I hope to meet everyone here on the water someday.
Hi Kulas44

You should feel right at home here, welcome aboard. It appears we in TF are pretty much comprised of a bunch of boys with our own feelings of correctness from learned experience/knowledge... and of course some well placed Admiral input. Sometimes were correct in how we feel and what we say sometimes we simply are not! Don't usually find too many in their 20's or even 30's that like the diverse types of pleasure craft represented here, maybe a few though!

Although I've been hanging onto 38 yrs as my age for well over two decades, might have to up it into the 40s... looken in da mirror just dont hold me anywhere near the 30s at all now (40s either for that matter!). Tiz kind of a joke around here about my age... cause as Jonathan Winters would sort of kiddingly say... My bodys about but my mind bailed out! - LOL

Pict is bout 5 yrs ago... Happy Boating Daze! - Art
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I'm 29, cause 30 is old. In my mind anyway. My wife however is still 21 when I look at her. Only problems is we've been married about 35 years. I'm not good with math.
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I was the owner for 14 years of the Tenacious (Built in 1960-Lake Union Seattle one of five known to have been constructed in private yards. Four on the East Coast) She originally had a 120 HP Nordburg six cyl. gas engine and was and did make the 12 knots designed. She was a working harbor tug although more a yacht yard tug. A Seattle banker had her commissioned at the Munson Boat Shop on Eastlake Ave. Seattle. It is from that information the connection is made in print to Smith and American marine Ltd. later Grand Banks, I suspect Marin, historian of Grand Banks is aware of all this history.

While I appreciate that you and Marin have decided the "Tenacious" is not a design platform for Grand Banks,specifically the original 36 foot.

I take umbrage to that. I have to ask you two: "Why in the Hell would I claim that without reasonable backup?"

A North West Grand Banks group have inspected the boat, noted the data in the printed information and were satisfied to the extent that the on staff photographer for Grand Banks North West, (There is a Seattle office that I visited.I believe it is on Westlake,) requested that I submit professional photos of the boat for their publication. I did not follow up on that and have often regretted the opportunity missed. I will ask the new owner to provide the information.. where the correlation between the hull design of the Tenacious is related to the American marine Ltd. commissioned design by Smith. while this history doesn't reflect that relationship it would be noted that this first off for American marine Ltd. reflects that design.

Keep you posted as I retrieve that information- In the mean while, please review the following. Remove the trunk cabin and voila- "Tenacious"
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City: ketchikan, Alaska
Vessel Name: 'SLO'~BELLE
Vessel Model: 1978 Marben-27' Flybridge Trawler(extended to 30 feet) Pilothouse Pocket Cruiser[
Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 2,156
Eric, You may have seen this photo of the "Tenacious" but Marin may not. It gives a better perspective of the hull in relation to the "Spray" the American Marine Ltd. craft.
While the Tenacious is NOT a Grand Banks it is the hull form that Kenneth Smith perfected prior to American Marine contracting him to design the 36. Just saying.

Spray photo again following.

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