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For the love of a boat

Since I am a complete newbie to this group, I have spent quite some time looking over past posts, trying to get a feel for what trawler people talk about. One interesting thing that I saw pop up several places is the complaint about not getting what a boat is worth when you want to sell it. I certainly found that to be true when I put my 39-foot sailboat on the market. I figured it was worth a good $60,000. Well, no. Not even close! I finally sold it for $18,000, and then only when I agreed to finance part of that. But I actually feel good about the sale, because I sold it to someone who loves the boat, realizes that although it is an old boat (1973) it is well built and a has good name (Allied Mistress), and also appreciates how much money I had put into it and how much work I had put into it. So, bottom line is that she (yep, sold it a person of the female persuasion) loves the boat as much as I do, and that makes me feel warm. Now that I am looking for a older used trawler, I hope to do the same thing. To me, an old boat that has been cared for and appreciated is valuable beyond just dollars and cents, and I want both the buyer and the seller to feel good about the deal we make.


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Boaty karma.Do good things and good things happen to you.

What a pain in the transom.

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The time you spend working on your boat is not deducted from your lifetime.

In that case, I should live a long, long time.
Al Johnson
34' Marine Trader
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Tell me about it! We just lowered the price on our fully restored 1983 Monk 36. I have countless hours of labor and love into her and tons of $$$ but I still love her and someone will get a great deal. The market is in the tank- best result is finding someone who will love and be a steward of the vessel you are selling and have that same love.
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