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I've bought boats on impulse and regretted it. Due diligence is key.

After you've viewed 20, 50 or more boats that seemed at first to fit your criteria, you'll get pretty good at knowing what's a good value and what isn't.

The key is being willing to walk away from anything that's not 100% perfect for you.

Here's a little secret: there are plenty of boats for sale out there. You'll never regret walking away from a boat, but you may very well regret buying one.

All that looking (and saying "no") just primes you for that one day, when you least expect it, the "right" boat swings into view.
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Originally Posted by CaptTom View Post
The key is being willing to walk away from anything that's not 100% perfect for you.

And also remember there is no such thing as a boat that is 100% right for anyone. ;-)
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I would add to Bayviews list, having standalone seating. We use recliners to sit on. Sitting on builtin bench seating day after day for hours at a time does not work well with older backs.

I would never buy a wooden boat. I love working on my boats, but enough is enough. You will be wedded to mainaining the wooded boat unless you are willing and or able to spend a lot of money paying someone to do it for you.
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If you're looking for a hobby, a wooden boat will provide endless hobby opportunity- likely to the exclusion of all else! Add my input to the others urging you to drop the wood boat from consideration. Given your lack of experience, seeking advice here is very wise. There have been a number of posts with excellent advice from seasoned cruisers and owners. Eschew that advice at your own peril!!

Look at LOTS of boats. Focusing your search efforts on the geographic area you want to end up in may have some benefits, but at the same time, can limit your options. Rather find a boat that better suits your purpose and move it to your chosen area than settle for less than your best choice and live with that regret.

Enjoy the hunt! As others advised, don't be afraid to walk away! Best of luck!
Steve Sipe
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