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Looking for boat choice ideas

Hello everybody, I was hesitant to post this as I'm sure boat search threads aren't immensely popular or interesting. But maybe my situation will get some conversation or debate going. And going in, I am open to all ideas.

Me: I'm only 34 so I'm not retiring immediately. I have a flexible work schedule that allows for many boating days a month, so I will NOT be living on this boat. Currently boating in Southern California on a small express cruiser. I've had a blast spending a few days with 3-4 people on a small 25 foot boat. But cramped is an understatement. I like Socal and have explored plenty. But I love Florida and the Bahamas more.

Goal: Buy a keep and boat in Florida. Fly in to use it. I estimate I will spend 4 days every month on the boat, every 3 months spend a week, and then once maybe twice a year I would spend about 3 weeks on board.

Use: I would like to keep it in the east coast of Florida for a couple years, explore the Bahamas, Keys, etc and then move it to the west coast of Florida for a couple years and do that side. Also, it's going to be just my girlfriend and I. Or perhaps me and 2 friends. Not major entertaining or large groups.

Boat decision: I'm looking at boats listed at max $100k. At first I planned to get a larger express cruiser. IE, Sundancer 310 or something along those lines. I was thinking speed. Since my time is somewhat limited I figured the turn of speed would be good. Well, I don't love them. They remind me of my current little boat, don't feel extremely well built and the style is off, for me. I wouldn't be on this site if I didn't love trawlers.

I then looked at Ranger Tugs. Specifically either the newer 27. Honestly. Too small, too expensive and although I like the style, didn't love the boats. I have not completely given up on a R23. But that will be a large sacrifice in the size department.

I looked at a few older powercats and a Mainship 390. The powercat was a PDQ which was in bad shape. I don't see many out there for sale so I haven't dug deep. The Mainship was nice, and I feel about the right size. I have not found one in my price range

Currently my mind and heart (dangerous) is set on a 2003 and up Camano 31. On the small side, but I love the style and the fact that it can run around 14knots if desired I think works well into my plan. The layout seems to work and the one I have seen impressed me with how solidly built she appeared.

Well, that was long, if anything it helped me get my thoughts together. I am curious if anyone else has any ideas of boats I have not considered? I welcome and will look into any. I am about 3 months from making the purchase.


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Not sure you will find one in FL but the Carver 36 motor yachts often go for under $100K. You might have to settle for a gasser.

Here is a diesel Carver 355 in Jax for about $75K:
Buffalo Bluff Light 28
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