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The first with the inflated quote was Custom Marine Carpentry. The second, whom I will likely go with, is Nuteak.
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Hello. I purchased ours through a local flooring supply store - one key was looking at the sample tiles they had and making our selection based on that (photos on the computer do not even come close).

Another key is to make sure it is solid cork, stuff that glues directly to the substrate. Do not get a 'floating floor' or 'snap-together' tiles, as they are 1/2 cork mounted onto a different material backer that does not have the same stability.

Once we selected what we wanted they had to order the tiles. IIRC, we purchased about 20% overage to account for odd cutting and fitting, and I ran short. It was a few years ago so I am not sure about the % overage; I would talk with the flooring guys and get their ideas on how much overage to order.

We selected tiles which were NOT pre-glued, and used a tub based mastic. The tiles we selected DID come pre-finsihed, and after installing we put on a two part top-coat.

Sound: To be honest, I am sure it cuts sound down some. Perhaps more than true hardwood, less then say carpet? But at only 1/4" thick, I would not count too much on sound dampening. Suspect insulating hatches and making sure seals are intact would go much further.

And as far as edging, that is a tough one. You can see what I did - but to be honest - one of the problems I had with coverings was edging. I was looking at Bamboo material; and had not found a good factory solution for the edging. Closest stuff come with a taper I did not want around all the hatches. Is there a good edging solution for the vinyl you are looking at?


Originally Posted by CaptTom View Post
I'm looking at flooring too. I thought I'd settled on a nice-looking and durable vinyl strip material from the big-box home improvement stores. I even bought a few strips to play with. They look good and I have held up well to my attempts to scratch and mar them.

Now you guys come up with a cork option. Do you think it will really reduce engine noise? That alone would make it worth trying. There's too much "stuff" attached to the overhead in my ER to do soundproofing there.

Where can I buy the 1' squares?

I also have to deal with edges around the hatches, but my finish carpentry skills aren't up to the task. Anybody have any good ideas for something I can just buy and cut to length for the edging?
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I really like the cork and have looked at it on numerous occasions. But, about 12 years back I bought a "pallett" of plantation teak in 8 foot 2x6s, rough cut. I dont recall the actuall count but it was 4 foot by 4 foot and 8 feet long, however many boards that is. It is only good for flooring but it is absolutely beautifull. I plane it to 1 and 7/8 inches then resaw to 1/4 inch thick. Installing is similar to decking by the gougeon method except I use 3m 5200. All hatches are framed around, all edges are framed out then the run is cut to size and laid in. No teak/holley look just teak, with thin black lines between. After all is glued it is sanded smooth. Cork would be WAY easier and when I run out of teak thats what I will use. Until then when I finish a floor I will still look at it and think WOW that was hard work. Everyone else just thinks WOW.
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