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LiveAboard characters and their boat names

I was thinking about boat names, and was reminded of:

Quincy's boat, "Fiji" (Jack Klugman, in the TV show "Quincy, M.E." - from '76 to '83)

Sonny Crockett's boat "The St. Vitus Dance" in Miami Vice

Doug Coughlin's boat "Kerry's Dream" in the Tom Cruise movie "Cocktail"

What other characters in TV and movies lived on boats? What were the boat names? Why only SAIL boats, and no trawlers?!
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Who remembers the early 1960s TV series "Surfside 6," set in Miami Beach? The three main characters were private detectives who occupied a houseboat by that name, docked along Collins Avenue across from the Fontainebleau resort. Their neighbor, a blonde socialite named Daphne Dutton, lived on a cabin cruiser called the "Daffy II."
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John Belushi -- SNL skit -- "Raging Queen"
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Tony Soprano’s ‘Stugots’. Google it!
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Originally Posted by HTurner View Post
John Belushi -- SNL skit -- "Raging Queen"
I remember that skit. Hours and hours of "punishment" every day.
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Travis McGee (John D. Macdonald crime novels). Lived aboard The Busted Flush. Named for how he won the boat.
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In the 2015 single-season TV series 'Backstrom', Rainn Wilson played Det. Lt. Everett
Backstrom who lived on what appeared to be a large fishing trawler in what was supposed
to be Portland, OR. The production 'stole' the name and logo 'The Sea Dog' from the other
Portland, (ME)'s much-loved minor league baseball team.
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In the 80's there was a show about two brothers who were private investigators called Simon and Simon. One of the brothers lived on a boat called "Hole in the Water" that he kept at the other brother's house. Eventually it started leaking so he kept it in his brother's driveway after that.
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