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RE: Lease a Trawler

Norwester wrote:.* It certainly isn't for you if you can't stand the idea of someone else using your stuff.* There are irritants such as having things reorganized by someone else when you get on the boat.* I plan on doing this for a couple more years until I have more time in the summers to use the boat.* I'll let you know if anything really bad happens that changes my plans.
*I had an airplane for several year which I back-leased to a flight school.

Up until 9/11 it was a break even or better deal, since I was based near metropolitan area, my home airport airspace was shut down for months after 9/11 which killed it.

What requirements are there of the boats in order to be leased for charters? You mention bow and stern thrusters as recommendations but are there requirements? Perhaps based on insurance requirements? (ie no gasoline powered boats)
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RE: Lease a Trawler

The individual charter companies usually have requirements for the boats in their fleets. We are acquainted with a fellow who just bout a GB36 to put into charter and while he hasn't gone into a lot of detail he has alluded to having to do this or that to satisfy the charter company's equipment and configuration requirements.
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RE: Lease a Trawler

Back to the OP's question versus putting "your" boat into charter...

OP...any luck in finding a charter company that suits your needs???
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Lease a Trawler

skipperdude wrote:ksanders wrote:
You know thats not an unreasonable fee for three months of chartering a large well equipped yacht.

Three months is an almost perfect amount of time to completely explore the inside passage.

For many, it's the trip of a lifetime.

BTW, we start our second inside passage journey in April. Anacortes Washington to Seward Alaska.


*Hey if you are coming to Seward you really should check out Prince William Sound. It's like Southeast only no towns just places.

If you do get in touch with me I'll show you around.

Them's my stomping grounds.


*Thats too Funny Dave ( I hope I didn't get your name wrong )

We know each other in person!

I've had a slip in Whittier for many years. My last boat was a 28 Bayliner named American Dream. They gave us the handicap berth at the bottom of the fairway this year after my wife got hurt.

We have talked many times on the dock. I even discussed buying our 47 with you a couple of times. Hell, I even buy my shrimp from you. Remember my wife Lisa got hurt and couldn't take the pounding of the 28 footer any more, so I was going to give it a season and buy a bigger more comfortable boat?

I love Whittier, and have known Sue the harbormaster forever. She told me that I'd probably never get a 50' slip, and that I couldn't sign a transient agreement either. The line is just too long.

I've been on the 50' list at Seward for 2 years and will probably get a permenant slip this spring (I'm now 8 on the list).



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RE: Lease a Trawler

My only experience was with the Bare Boat fleet that chartered , usually a week, in the BVI.

These (1970's) folks found a normal boat that would be fine for normal use WAS DEAD , UNUSABLE IN UNDER 2 YEARS.

Then they tried CSY and other special heavily built boats and were able to go 3 years , till scrap.

Loads of sad "owners" that thought with the tax credits they would get a free boat in only 3 years.

Many were hardly worth sailing back to the US.

The more complex the boat , the earlier the death.
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RE: Lease a Trawler

I had a Senator 35 in charter service. The folks who took her out treated her well...much better than the charter agency treated me. I would have jumped at the chance to have a 3 month or even a year charter. BTW, for us, the charter fees covered everything but maintenance, which I did myself.
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RE: Lease a Trawler

Woodsong wrote:
*hmmm....maybe I should charter out my Monk instead of selling her. *No one has a charter boat on the TN River and many love cruising there....hmmmm....
*Hi, folks. *

I've been lurking here awhile and decided it was time to join. *We're about 2 years from buying our first trawler and I'm learning a lot from this group.

Tony, if you haven't been entirely spooked by some of the feedback, we might be interested in chartering your Monk for a long weekend--probably a trip up to Watts Bar or down to Guntersville. *We currently have a Cal 28 at Privateer YC and have chartered in the Virgins. *I've also crewed on a 76' Alden ketch on bluewater trips, etc. *If you still have the Monk this spring, maybe we can talk.


Ian (angus99)
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Lease a Trawler

Who's paranoid?* I even declined*the Coot's*builder's request to charter my boat.

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RE: Lease a Trawler

What area are you located in? I'm looking for people that would charter a trawler I may purchase on the Chesapeake bay.
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