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launch from trailer -

I have sailed for the past 46 years but am considering going back to power, I am considering a Rosborough 246 since I require that the boat be stored on a trailer and launched from a ramp. However, I like the Cape Dory 28 .. it is possible to tow it - But I can find no information as to whether anyone launches the boat from a trailer. The 3 ft. of draft may be an issue though it seems I see power boats with that draft being launched.
I joined this forum today to see if I could connect with information on the Cape Dory 28 and on the issues with towing (10 ft. beam) or launching from a trailer (3 ft. draft) .. I cruise my Trimaran singlehanded but am finding it more and more difficult. I am almost ready to consider a trawler type boat for cruising.
thanks to anyone who might respond ... Hank near indian rocks beach in Florida.
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Some years ago I owned a Cape Dory 28. It is a pure downeaster hull and as you note it has 3' and probably a bit more of draft. That puts the boat up high on the trailer and means it has to get way down in the water to launch. Some boat ramps don't have enough angle and if they do you will certainly need a 4WD to pull it out, particularly if the ramp is wet.

That boat which has a dry weight of 8,000 lbs, weighs at least 9,000 lbs with fuel and gear. A triple axle trailer will weigh almost 2,000 lbs if aluminum and maybe 3,000 lbs in steel. That means you would be towing 11-12,000 lbs. IMO that takes at least a 3/4 ton pickup and probably a full ton to haul safely.

Everyone i have talked to that has a boat with that kind of weight and beam doesn't tow it across country. They typically launch it at the beginning of the season, haul it out at the end and store at home and don't bother with over width permits.

You could carefully tow one a few miles to and from home with a big SUV or a half ton pickup and then have the yard pick it up for launching with their Travelift.

The Rosborough is smaller and lighter, maybe 6,500 lbs sitting on the trailer for the diesel version and it does have full water, head and holding tank. Another one to look at is the C-Dory 25 which probably weighs 5,500 lbs but only has a porta potty and a limited potable water system.

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Hi Hank:

Welcome aboard TF!

If you plan to be launching a trailered boat single-handed, having the outboard and less draft does make launching somewhat easier, simply because many boat ramps around here can be shallow at the deepest end of the ramp, and may not provide enough depth for launching a deeper draft boat.

If you back up too far and your trailer tires fall off the end of the concrete boat ramp, the tires can get stuck in the muck and difficult to pull back up on the ramp. Imagine being stuck on the ramp at a busy boat ramp - I've seen it happen.

That said, if you want more space aboard than the Rossi provides, I'd advise checking out the boat ramps around IRB for length and depth, or even join the Tugnuts forum and talk to those folks about launching a deeper draft inboard.

That said, I think the Rossi is awesome. In our case, with two adults and two 50-lb dogs, it seemed a smidge too small for us.

I hope you have a blast choosing your next boat!

Warm Regards,
Pea Trombley
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Hi Hank,

Might you be interested in our 26-footer? Well loved by us for 17 summers of cruising the Inside Passage, she's now for sale, as we moved to a Nordic Tug. High quality build, diesel power, cruises happily at 18 knots or at 6, very well equipped for a trailerable boat (even has a watermaker), sleeps three adults, tows with a 3/4 ton truck. Meticulously maintained, mostly by me, since she was built for us. On Craiglist at $57,900

Richard Cook
Dream Catcher (Nordic Tug 37-065) Poulsbo WA
Previously: New Moon (Bounty 257), Cindy Sea (C-Dory 22 Cruiser)
"Cruising in a Big Way"
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Up until this last hurricane I owned an Ellis 28 which is very similar to the Cape Dory 28.
No it’s not practical to trailer it.
Parks Masterson
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I have purchased an Acadia 25, built by Atlas Boat Works, in Cape Coral, Florida. It is on a double axle trailer, and I do plan to tow it across country. I was also looking for a small, trailer-able boat that we could cruise and spend a week or more at a time underway. I do know they have a used one for sale, Worth looking at, we love ours.
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Well really you can tow most boats up into the lower 30’ range. It is a question of how much work and expense you are willing to put into it. On the east coast you don’t see as many that size being towed. Go out west and it isn’t uncommon. I used to regularly tow a 29’ boat. You need a heavy duty truck, good trailer and oversize permits. I have towed a 36’ houseboat from Oklahoma to Arizona. It was 12’ wide. Not a regular thing just picking it up for a friend. It can be done but can be a PITA. Check your state regs on oversize before you begin looking so you will have an idea if it is possible in your location. Good luck.
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The easiest way to trailer the USA nd beyond is to only purchase a boat that does not require a permit, in other words 102 inches or less.

A used older OTR tractor with a good sized sleeping cab will cost about $10,000, or less.

This can be re-registered as an RV in most states , which keeps the insurance and taxes very very low. Insurance , about $100-$125 a year. RV have no inspections in most states.

Yes you may have to shift , rather than have an automatic .

The key "Round Trip" (what it costs to purchase vs what it eventually sells for) can be close to zero, or even positive , if the package is well done.

Good hunting,
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Originally Posted by djmarchand View Post
...Another one to look at is the C-Dory 25 which probably weighs 5,500 lbs but only has a porta potty and a limited potable water system.
The C-Dory 25 has a marine head and compartment. Some people have replaced the head with porta-potties or composting toilets.

The 25 has a 23 gallon water tank and can do hot and cold water.

The 5,500# would be a pretty light 25. They are usually about 7K when loaded.

The C-Dory 22 has a porta-potti and no head compartment. Normally the 22 has 20 gallons of water and does cold only.
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cape dory 28

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