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Kanzaki KM4A2 leak

So I finally got the boat back to the slip in Rockport last night. Now I need to tackle the transmission output shaft leak and the vibration at the stuffing box, and the packing gland maybe.

Has anyone here done a trans seal on one of these transmissions with the boat in the water? Can I move the prop shaft back far enough without sinking the boat? I have a bronze stuffing box that fits onto a big black piece of hose with 4 hose clamps. I can't tel if this is a DIY project. I think I read a special tool is needed to hold the trans shaft while removing the nut.

As for the vibration, at my last stop I noticed one of the coupling bolts was completely loose and another was slightly loose. Could this have caused the seal to go out maybe? I thought tightening up those bolts would help some of the vibration and stuffing box wiggle, but after tightening the bolts I still had the wiggle on the stuffing box. Would one of those flexible couplings help with the stuffing box wiggle maybe?

Finally there is a bunch of green goo in the bilge under the stuffing box. I assume that's some of my packing?

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Mr. 01. " goo..."? Have you checked your bilge for poltergeists?

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