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Junk mail

Folks going cruising always have the hassle of getting mail sent to them along the way , or having someone pay bills for them.

Junk mail is part of the problem .

Here are a few solutions to cutting it down , start months before departing for best results.

10 ways to stop junk mail

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Timely article! The wife and I were just talking about this and I knew there had to be a solution...
I think we will do a bit more research (I always question "free services") but if any of these work, it would be a pleasure to reduce the pile of junk mail that I cart off to recycling every week.

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I have a post box in a shipping store that forwards my mail wherever I am as often as I want. Even though there is a box number, they say not to give it out as part of your address. So only the mail properly addressed ends up in my box. I get a priority mail envelope once a week with usually less than 6 pieces of mail in it.

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We will be using these folks.
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We found a way long ago to eliminate the vast majority of junk mail. We use a PO Box. None of those grocery and other store packs of junk are placed in PO Boxes.

Now, mail while traveling. First, we get very little legitimate mail. We do everything online. So, no bills. No bank statements. No income tax forms. There is very little mail that we care about. We don't use mail. We'd be fine if there was no mail. Then what little is left we have processed just like St. Brendan's does, have any we care about scanned, and read it electronically.

Someone asked the question recently regarding GA. Well, there are mail receiving and forwarding services around the country, some nationwide services. Some don't have the residency assistance and other features of St. Brendan's but many have mail handling including opening and scanning if you choose.

St. Brendan's distinct advantages beyond mail forwarding are that Florida has no state income tax, no property tax on boats, and allows you to be a resident while "residing" at St. Brendan's. They accept a mail service as a physical address. Each state is different in that regard. Florida is easy to establish residency in.

A couple of nationwide services:

Plus several services in TX and FL, one in Oregon, and I'm sure many in other states.
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