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I've seen a couple of cyclones webbed tied in narrow waterways, in our case mangrove creeks, and I think it's one of the best ways for a boat to survive if done properly.
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Go to wiki and read about the Lake Okeechobee Hurricane of 1928.
Buffalo Bluff Light 28
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I just read a 2003 article-- didn't realize Lake O was so polluted. Is it still?
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"didn't realize Lake O was so polluted. Is it still?"

Depends on who calls what pollution.

The lake out floes are very political.
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Irma: Canal vs On the Hard

Yeah I saw that. Blame all over the place. State blamed the Feds. Feds blames the state. Everyone blames big Sugar. Rick Scott blamed Obama. [emoji23]

Hope your house and all the boats make it. Really don't like this latest projected path!
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I too like the canal idea. I think it will be good. It's what I would do.
But no matter what, it's out of your hands now, so don't worry about it and stay safe.

Good luck
Richard on Dauntless,
New York

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The current dike was built in response to the storm of '28 I believe.
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All the best who are down in Florida, safety for all.
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Originally Posted by Benthic2 View Post
Has the dike blown out before ?
Yes. That's where labeling areas as safe gets dangerous. Okeechobee has overflowed it's banks and flooded a huge area before. They've been drawing it to down to try to safeguard this time, but it's still at 13.68 ft and flood level is 17 ft so definitely a concern. They'd just gotten it up to great levels for crossing and now can't get it down rapidly enough.
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Just got word from a friend that went by to check on my boat. No damage. Apparently there was more surge there than expected and some lines stretched enough to allow it to bump the dock a little on the port side, but no rub rail issues or anything like that.

Thanks to everyone for making me feel better prior to the storm.
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Originally Posted by Dougcole View Post
Hey Guys, My boat is in Stuart, right in Irma's path.

In the past for big storms I have hauled out, but this time I couldn't find anyone to haul me, they were all full. The yard I have used 3 times before kind of fouled me up, but that's another story.

I was lucky enough to get a spot way up the Lost River at a place called Lost River Marine. I don't know how to post a google earth link into the forum, but if you're interested you can find it in Active captain or google earth by searching for "Lost River Marine".

LRM is about 15 miles up the Okeechobee Waterway and then another 3 or so up the Lost River, which is VERY narrow and winding. They are on a dead end canal about 75' wide and perhaps 1500' long. There are 5 larger boats in the canal, the biggest being a 67' princess. There is also a 42' Grand Banks and a 40ish Sport Fish. All the boats will be webbed into the middle of the canal with lines to pilings on both sides. The docks/pilings/seawalls on both sides appear to be in great shape. There are houses and the boatyard along the canal. Guys were out yesterday trimming trees along the canal and cleaning up loose stuff.

The Captain and crew guy on the princess are going to stay there for the storm. I spoke with them for quite a while, they seem like good competent guys. They said that since my boat will be right in front of theirs it is in their best interest to keep an eye on it.

I'm not too worried about surge, it's just too far up and Stuart doesn't get that much surge. I'm also not worried about wave action, there just isn't any fetch at all. I am worried about wind and debris.

In a way I think I may be better off than on the hard. The place I got hauled before doesn't tie boats down, they just put them on stands and pretty close together.


It's been a stressful day at Fort McAllister Marina just south of Savannah. Some docks broke up, some boats came loose. Everyone came together and saved the day but the marina and Fish Tales restaurant are heavily damaged. The NE wind at 50 knots against outgoing tide set up breaking 5' surf that tore us up.
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