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Remind to self... "Self" do not board any of our boats at 2am... mine included.. drunk or not drunk
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Originally Posted by alormaria View Post
We were boarded by teenagers one night at lock 23 on the Erie canal. I flipped on the spreader lights and went outside with a nightstick and a diving knife. They took off. My wife and 10 year old daughter had mace and frying pans at the ready. Don't mess with Jersey girls.

From that night on we pulled ourselves away from the dock with a side anchor and had trip lines running around the decks. If I had tacks I would have used them. .
So the question is, if you had a gun on board, would you have shot the teenagers? Can you legally even have a gun on a boat in NY state?

Gun laws are different in every state (of the USA) and very different in other countries. Just having a gun on your boat could be a criminal offense in some places. In some states, you can legally kill an intruder on your boat. In others, you could be charged with murder. Depending on the state and who you kill, you could face a civil lawsuit as well as criminal charges.

I support the Constitutional right of American citizens to bear arms but I don't think shooting people is the best solution for most problems.
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Sure beats some of the alternatives!
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I support the Constitutional right of American citizens to bear arms but I don't think shooting people is the best solution for most problems.[/QUOTE]

I would say you are not shooting people You are shooting a criminal or at least someone with criminal intent.

I am not saying shoot first but at least be prepared to defend yourself.

What if there intent was more than theft.
Perhaps murder or mayhem.

When seconds count the cops are only minutes away.

They are extremely efficient at taking reports.

If you can't repair it maybe it shouldn't be on the boat
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Originally Posted by RT Firefly View Post
Mr. Breeze. You're allowed a pistol in Canada?

Yes with the correct paper work and training.
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Originally Posted by millennium View Post

I don't want to start the weapons on board discussion...
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As far as going armed, people are going to do what they're going to do--hopefully with some appreciation of the potential consequences. I'm sure George Zimmerman never thought he'd become a household name.

It's also very situational. Personally, I would hate myself if I shot an unarmed teenager for doing something I might have done on a dare when I was a kid. At the same time, if an armed, strung-out crack addict boarded my boat because he saw an opportunity, I would not count on simply the sound of me racking a 12-gauge stopping him. It most likely wouldn't.

Bottom-line: it could be the most important split-second decision with life-long consequences none of us ever wants to face.
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