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Ianglass storage

Isanglass storage ? Anyone have Ideas to store glass ? Having new canvas done but keeping old. Lay it flat or roll up ? Brown paper between each piece ? any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Om my previous boat I rolled it around a cardboard mailing tube and put it into a sunbrella bag I custom sewed. A seperate tube and bag for each piece. It worked well.

My current boat has no Eisenglass to worry about.

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I always rolled mine up around a piece of 4" perforated PVC pipe.
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We put ours flat on the bed in our spare room at the house. If you put another piece on top, put some soft bath towels between your layers.
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We use either tissue paper or soft cloth when they are rolled and stored. Biggest worry is the eisenglass getting scratched.
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Just this week I made an "envelope" for our panels. Each panel has it's own soft pocket so the glass won't scratch. Think acordian file folder but huge and made out of soft fabric. I can then roll it up, or leave it flat.

A well respected canvas worker told me anything in 40 + gauge should be kept flat, not rolled. Anything 30 gauge or less can be roll with little consequense. (I still roll mine when not in use)

Someone here had a great idea of storing flat under the bed. That's is an awesome idea if you don't need to get to them on a regular basis.
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I used terry cloth and made like a pillow slip for each smiley face. We used them each time we roll them up to keep from scratching. On our last boat the isenglass scratched just from normal use. When you think about it, rolling up a smiley puts the zipper inside the roll. So a little wind, or bouncing around can scratch them.

Since we live aboard and live in Florida we don't take the whole panels off EXCEPT for Hurricane threats. We just went through prepping for Isaac (we were fortunate that he missed us), we took the isenglass down and put beach towels between them.

Island Time
Cape Coral, Fl

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