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How to Say No

I thought this article about aviation is also really pertinent to boating and the Skipper in particular.

Learning How To Say ‘No’ | Business Aviation content from Aviation Week

Richard on Dauntless,
New York

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Great topic.....

Corporate helos were biting the dust regularly back in the 80s/90s. The FAA did a movie called the Vertical Dimension with Clint Eastwood doing the lead in as he was an avid helo pilot.

The jist was, dont pressure the pilot with firing threats, etc to get someplace, the results arent pretty all too often. But many pressure can lead to poor decision making.

Pretty cool as we used the movie in the USCG too. Because of my familiarity with the movie, it got me a 30 minute smack talk on helos with Mr Eastwood at his Mission Restaurant. He has oncreadible helo experience...

The movie is on youtube now I think, undestanding what pressures you to do tghings and identifying them early us good for most endeavors in life.

In my experiences in life both as rescuer and rescuee, its usually never just the emergency that makes is get out of contol, its the secondary factor such as weatber, fatigue, a secondary unrezolved problem such as non working bilge pumps.....

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Very good article, and relevant to boating. Every time I've found myself in a tight spot on the water, one of the contributing factors was time. Of course we're all up against the clock in life - time is perennially the great enemy. It just pays to be mindful that the less time you allow, the less margin remains for all dealing with the other little things that can add up to trouble. And the less margin you have for dealing with them, the faster they add up!
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I'm sometimes my own worst enemy when it comes to saying "No". I'm the one who puts the pressure on to "just do it" when I have my nagging doubts. Time is not the factor that makes me want to say yes, it's the weather.

I sometimes have to give myself a slap upside the head and remember that "no go" is a good option.
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Great article, I also fly and can relate to some of these examples. Last fall I found myself getting into unexpected weather coming back from reno that was closing in by the minute..I always use the same scenario in my decision process for both the boat and flying... I make the decision on go/no go as though my wife and kids are in the back seat and what the cost would be in a worst cast situation. The decision to not make things worse typically takes less than 10 seconds.
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Sometimes our own wants are even stronger than the " you will never work on this town again" threats.

Hard as heck to fight that slippery slope of "I can do it"....

Many organizations implemented risk management with a grading checklist to determine go/no go. Taking the "go" decision away from the "can do" crew assigned.

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