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How to save on your fuel costs

Here's an article I just wrote for my marina newsletter:
How to save on your fuel costs

With the ever increasing price of fuel, I thought Id write up some ways to save on the cost of fuel.

  1. <li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">The only thing better than having a boat is having a friend with a boat. Ride with them.<li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">Get a courtesy cord. For those of you too young to know what this is, it translates into a siphon hose. You really didnt want to ride with that friend anyway; you just want his gas, right? Keep in mind this is dangerous, not only from a fire hazard, but lead poisoning. This comes from your friends Smith and Wesson.<li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">Get one of those unlimited towing policies. Once you get out and have had a fun day, call the towing service and get them to tow you back to your slip. At roughly $100 a year, this pays for itself pretty quickly. <li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">Speaking of towing, see if you can slip up behind one of those big charter boats and use a grappling hook to get a free tow. You wont have much choice in destination, but hey youre boating! The duration of a voyage like this may be variable, and you may have to replace the grappling hook often, so figure these into your expenses. <li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">Get a bunch of oars properly sized for your boat, head up to the fitness center and find an aerobic class. Invite them out for a free workout day on the water. Be sure to get a drum or five gallon bucket to drum the rhythm for them. This is even more fun if you put a Viking outfit on as you go through the Kemah channel. <li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">Use your sail. No, I dont mean out in the open. Use that sail leaving the slip, around the marina, and all the way out into the bay. Dont be a namby-pamby and start that aux. engine. Be sure to do this on a busy Saturday, preferably on a holiday weekend. Enjoy all the waves and California howdys from the passing boats under power. Heck, the wind is free! <li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">Make a sail. This is for you power boaters. Nothing fancy; get some king sized sheets and rig em up. Of course, you can only go downwind and cant see where youre going, but its exciting, isnt it? Remember, the wind is free. See earlier comment about Viking outfits. <li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">Tow your own boat. Use your dinghy to tow the big one around. That little outboard uses a lot less gas than the big one, now doesnt it? Of course, you need to be at the helm so send your significant other, kids, friends, etc. down to pilot the dinghy. You also move up in the pecking order as a boat restricted in its ability to maneuver. See #6 above. <li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">The ultimate fuel saver Never leave the slip. But thats no fun! <li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">OK, if you dont like the humorous ideas above, remember the basics:
    1. <li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">Slow down, leadfoot! The slower you go, the more fuel efficient you are. Run on one engine if you have twins. Dont run on plane. <li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">Keep your engines in good shape and tuned up.<li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">Keep the bottom of your boat and all underwater equipment clean to reduce drag. <li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">Shop for fuel prices. Depending on where you go, fuel prices can differ as much as $0.30/gallon or more, especially if youre heading to Galveston or points south. <li style="margin:0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">Lighten the load. The less "stuff" you keep on the boat, including water and fuel, the better your efficiency will be.
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