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GPH ford lehman 225

Hi to all,
I've watched this forum for along time but this is my first post.
I'm sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere.
My wife and I are in the "looking" process for a liveaboard trawler to cruise the Florida coast (within a year). We are curious about GPH for twin ford lehman 60 elpt 4s 225 on a 37-38 foot trawler from the 1980's era. We would really like to go with a lot smaller engines but for some reason many of the smaller trawlers that we like have high horsepower engines.
So, I guess the question is if you go slow (7 or 8 knots) what can the expected GPH be.
We don't want to go fast, but can going slow damage the engines?

Thanks for all the help.

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We own a 38' Taiwan Tub with twin 225s. Haven't used it as much as we would like, it's currently for sale, but we have made several trips of about 30 nm. We have Floscan instruments and I did a spread sheet of mileage, speed and nmpg. We have done as good as 2.88 nmpg at 7 knots to as low as 1.45 nmpg at 7.3 knots. Big difference being wind and current. Last time out we did 1.57 nmpg at 8.4 knots going and 1.79 nmpg at 8 knots coming back. This is generally running at 1320 RPM. There is one trip at 3.49 nmpg at 5.6 knots. We had a boat following us in a dense fog and kept having to slow down to wait for them. The speeds are the average based on total time and distance.

Hope this helps,


(buy the boat and I'll throw in the spreadsheet)

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Keep looking. Looking is fun. Enjoy it. There are some boats out there with small engines. And they work better than anything at their speed range. Full displacement boats are not very numerous but good for you in that they aren't more expensive. This despite the fact that many here complain about their fuel consumption. Just keep looking and don't depend on Yacht World boats. Others selling independently will usually have lower prices.

Be honest about your needs for power and low fuel consumption. For most people it's less (frequently far less) than they think or anticipate.

Good hunting and have a good time looking.

North Western Washington State USA
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Thanks for the info. I see that higher horsepower doesn't necessarily mean high GPM if you take it easy.
This will help in the "boats that qualify" search.

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speed is the greatest factor in fuel use. Engine size is almost irrelevant. Keep the bow down flat and the wake at minimum for best economy and fastest economic speed. Slow down to 4-5 knots and fuel use will go down significantly.

Cruising FL fuel will be one of your lower expenses. Go buy a boat and don't obsess over fuel use that in boats is absurd anyway.
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I know this is an old thread. But, when I search the inter webs for “Lehman sp225 gph” this is the page I get. So...

1987 President 37 aft cabin with a SINGLE SP 225, webasto hydronic heat and a 7.5kw generator.

Previous owner ran 8kts at 1800 to 2000. - 4gph
I run 7.5kts at 1500 to 1800 - 3.4gph.

These are based one 200+ hours cruising over 3 years in PNW waters from Olympia to Nanaimo. It includes generator run time and heat.
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Things that can effect GPH

Fixed items:
Hull design
Propeller design
HP of engine(s)

Variables at the time of the voyage:
Boat weight
Fuel and water loading
Wind and current
Generator (running or not)

I think that covers them all. Feel free to add to the list.
The meek will inherit the earth but, the brave will inherit the seas.
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Those engines are not the same as the FL 120's. Take the advice from someone who just repowered from SP225s to Cummins because rebuilding the 225's would not make sense, and keep looking.

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