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Originally Posted by JeremyZ View Post
All right. Twistedtree (and others in this thread) have the right idea. It is very possible to make a slim little lightweight launch with a full length solar hardtop shade and run it on a reasonably priced battery/solar setup. But if I were to add enough beam and windage to be livable, and weight and power draw of everything needed for even a minimal liveaboard setup, I'm already way past the limits of current technology.

Sorry, all. I know you have to deal with enthusiastic but naive threads like this all the time. Hopefully the technology catches up soon enough and we can start making this happen.
I think this would be a great little boat for your described use and it has style in spades. You could always add a couple of solar panels on the cockpit topside. Probably a bit more like camping out than living aboard, but you certainly know the drill better than most. She is a beautiful little craft and would fit right in to the Seattle scene.


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What comes to mind for me is:

1) Bang for your buck? You are going to pay a lot for your idea, much more than diesel or gas so what is the break even point financially? I am right in the middle of a refit and re-power. My refit guy did look at electric to replace my gas engine but the cost just didn't pan out, not even close.

2) Safety. I was talking to my retired BC Ferry captain buddy and told him of my plans for either electric or propane for my dingy. He asked how much range I would have if the main motor conked out and I had to rely on my dingy engine as my rescue power. Well neither ePropulsion or Torqueedo would have that much staying power, maybe 20 minutes pushing a ten thousand plus vessel through the water. You will still want that generator, not just solar power. And if you live in the PNW - I live on Vancouver Island - are you really going to get sufficient sun - always?

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You'll see a lot of power cats that are doing this or attempting to do this.


PassageMaker also did an article on a Beneteaus hybrid power 34 Swift Trawler. If I remember correctly, in addition to short jaunts on just electric, the concept with the hybrid relates to diesel engines having an ideal peak efficiency load and RPMs. When the diesel is running, it is always running at it's peak efficiency. It then turns on and off as needed. When on, it is charging the battery bank. When that is full enough, it kicks off.


Of course, wind power could be considered the ultimate form of solar energy, and it has been successfully tested and used for thousands of years. You would just have to become a sailor.
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I have a sweet 29' Prarie in Stuart, FL you should come and see> Cadillac (772) 285-2266

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