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Go Pro Camera

I got a go pro and mounted it at the helm. Question for you guys that have recorded video with these camera's.
What time lapse interval: 5, 10, 30 sec
What resolution: 720p with super view-ultra wide or ....?

I want to keep the file size resonable and be able to view the day's cruise in about a 2-4 minute video.


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Whatever suits your needs. If you use time lapse you might miss some great stuff like dolphins jumping, but of course the file size will be really big.

I think a lot of video software will let you speed up the video after the fact so you can compress the day's cruise to whatever length you want or better, compress the dull parts and leave anything interesting in "real time".

The resolution choice depends on what you intend to do with the video. You should experiment with the field of view setting but some of the interesting stuff may happen off to the side so wide angle may be best.

I bought a Mobius camera (same idea) and have just begun to experiment with it.

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For an all-day trip try 30 seconds. For shorter trips 5-10 seconds. The biggest thing is making sure the battery is charged. Also, you probably know this, but there is an app that lets you view you camera field of vision on your smart phone of ipad. It makes aiming the camera much easier.

Have fun.
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We use GoPros a lot in our work. We mount them in flight decks, attach them to all sorts of things in factories and on airplanes being assembled, use them on drones sometimes (we usually use a real camera for the drone work) and so on.

We use them for timelapse but for that we set them to one frame per second. Any longer interval speeds up the action far too much to be usable.
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Go Pro

I have used my go pro several times now and find the time lapse video only really good if not making lots of tight turns. If you are moving around lots then taking video is best.

Here is a youtube video I uploaded that combines both sped up video and time lapse video at about 30 second intervals.

I keep the resolution on the pictures as high as possible. For the view I preview it on my Iphone app first to see what picture I like the best.

Here is another combo video of sped up video and time lapse in the San Juan Islands -
I used time lapse every 5 seconds for the sunset cruise, the video at the end was sped up 1500x as we were moving very slow through the pass.

I also used some underwater video from my go pro when we found some dolphins this past summer -

The go pro software is what I use for all my editing. It does take up alot of space but the finished projects are lots of fun.
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Could you use a go pro as a back up camera, wireless to a tablet?
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go pro

the newer Go Pro cameras can be viewed wirelessly on both our Iphones and I pad after we downloaded the Go Pro App. It works well easily to 15-20 feet. Not sure how much further it would work. You can change the settings, record and playback recorded video's. It sucks the battery life when you have this setting turned on though.

I have never tried it on a tablet but would think if they offer the app for it then it would work well.


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