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Garbage Plan

33 CFR 151.57 Waste management plans.(a) This section applies to the following:
(1) Each manned oceangoing ship
(other than a fixed or floating platform)
of 40 feet or more in length that
is documented under the laws of the
United States or numbered by a state
and that either is engaged in commerce
or is equipped with a galley and berthing

(c) Each waste management plan
under paragraph (b) of this section
must be in writing and
(1) Provide for the discharge of garbage
by means that meet Annex V of
MARPOL 73/78, the Act, and 151.51
through 151.77;
(2) Describe procedures for collecting,
processing, storing, and discharging
garbage; and
(3) Designate the person who is in

charge of carrying out the plan.

Note that this is an additional placard in addition to the "MARPOL" placard which forbids discharge of garbage, plasctics etc.*The MARPOL*placard is required for any vessel over 26 feet. (33CFR 151.59) it must be at least 9 inches wide and four inches tall with lettering over 1/8th inch.

The 40 garbage plan is more specific as you read above. I'm not sure how you'd get all that information in one sentence, but I suppose anything is possible. Here is my written plan:

WASTE MANAGEMENT PLAN*Vessel* A Couple of Bucks
1. This plan describes policy and procedures for handling this vessels garbage according toMARPOL Annex V and 33 CFR Subparts 151.51 through 151.77. As Captain, I am responsiblefor carrying out this plan. All crewmembers and embarked persons shall follow the instructions inthis plan. It is the general policy of this vessel that all food waste and garbage will beretained on board for proper disposal ashore.2. Waste for this vessel is collected in provided waste receptacles which are lined with plastic bags and stored in the engine compartment. When moored, all waste will be carried from the vessel and disposed of in the marina dumpsters which are provided for that purpose. Plastics and waste containing plastic materials will never be discharged into the water from this vessel regardless of location.3. When sailing on inland waters or at sea within 12 nautical miles of land, no food, garbage orwaste of any type will be discharged. When on an extended voyage, beyond 12 nautical milesfrom land, certain non-plastic and non-floating waste may be discharged if storage space is notavailable. In this case, all plastics (including foamed plastic) are to be segregated from otherwastes and stored on board for proper disposal ashore. Only those materials permitted fordischarge according to the MARPOL Annex V placard may be discharged in the water. In nocase will waste of any kind be discharged into the water without my prior inspection andexplicit permission.4. If you have any questions about this plan, waste handling procedures or materials that may bedischarged, please consult me.



Ken Buck********************************************** ******************* May 18, 2007
Captain***************************** **********************************************Date

As I did the research for this post I reread 33 CFR and noticed a portion I had not remembered from previous study. The enforcement personnel may require proof of compliance with these regulations. They may require records of proper disposal. Garbage reciepts, log book entries, education programs, etc. I have always just dumped my garbage at the next dock with trash service and not thought any more about it. It looks like making an entry in the logbook that we dumped garbage at whatever port might be helpful at some time.

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RE: Garbage Plan

As I re-read the post above I see that the cut and paste took out the proper spacing between words and the spacing between paragraphs. I ain't no scholar, but the real document does have those necessary items.
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