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Fumoto Oil change valve

I wanted to see if any one has used the fumoto oil change valve. In my application it would work quite well and give me peace of mind if a line to the oil change pump broke. Just want to see if anyone has had any experience with them or has an opinion. Thanks
Fumoto USA | Quick and Easy Engine Oil Drain Valves

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Yes I've used them. Or at least ones that looked/worked the same. No problems with them as long as you can reach the lever.

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I fitted Fumoto oil-change valves to both my engines. The Phasor genset had one fitted from the factory. These valves plus a small electric pump take most of the headache out of changing engine oil.

My review here:
If all else fails, read the instructions
If it ain't broke, don't fix it
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I've had similar products on a couple of cars - loved it and has the added advantage of not having to worry about some knucklehead rounding the head on the plug either.
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No need for the valve unless you feel the need.

My boat and my last boat was set up with just a hose from the oil pan to pumps or just dead ended above the oil level. My genset is set up that way also. As are/were hundreds of other marine engines I have operated.

Never a failure I am aware of...but always a possibility so it is just a matter of trusting your hose maintenance.
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I have had one on my truck for years and it has been great. Unlike any other engine I have owned, the oil plug required a washer every oil change or it would leak. The Fumoto stopped the need for a washer and made an oil change that much easier/faster.

The drain also makes it easier to take an oil sample without making a mess.

Even though it would be almost impossible to have the drain value opened by hitting road debris, I use a wire tie to lock the value in place.


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