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Fix or Replace: Leaking Dinghy Avon RIB 3.10 Rover

We bought our 1982 Grand Banks and it came with an Avon RIB. It has a slow leak and I have identified at least one place that needs a new patch. It will hold for a couple of days at best and then start to loose shape.

I have tried to find a local shop (Norfolk, VA) to look at and repair, not having any luck.

I am considering replacing the Dinghy just so I don't have to deal with the leak repair. It is quite a nice inflatable as far as I can tell, but just another thing on the list of stuff that needs done. We are having a custom davit built for our boat by a local weld shop, so want to have a reliable, maintenance free dinghy to enjoy.

Anyone want to provide some sage advice?


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If it was me, I would spend the small amount of money to get a patch kit and patch it. It may continue to serve for another year or 5. In the mean time you can find a lot of other uses for the money you would spend on a new dinghy.

OTOH, if money is not an issue and you aren't a cheap SOB like I am, buy one new and keep moving forward.


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I've always had bad luck with inflatables, probably because I was too cheap to buy a new one . We bought a used walker bay hard dinghy and has no issues . Then we bought a used Trinka 10.
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If it takes a couple of days to go soft, you could try a liquid sealant. You put an equal amount into each chamber thru the valves, inflate and roll the dinghy around. Then do an air exchange, inflate and roll it around again. The stuff is like magic. We've used it twice and the dinghy held the air for a month plus. It's a cheap easy fix. There are several brands out there and here's one.
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I like Larry M's idea. I wonder if Fix A Flat would work? Same principle I think.
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Not sure if you checked this thread I started.
If you find the leak it`s not that hard. Maybe try it again. I`m no expert but based on recent experiences, happy to assist with specific questions.
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Chuck it, Avon hasn't made inflatables (yacht tenders now) for a lot of years.
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The tubes on an inflatable will degrade eventually. How long they last is dependant on the conditions, construction, etc...

When your tubes are at a point that they are in need of replacing, you can just replace then.

This makes sense on a larger ort more expensive RIB. I do not know about your Avon, so it would be difficult to comment on that model specifically.

I replaced the tubes on our Zodiac YL340 last year for about $3K. While that might sound like allot, it is not so much when you consider the new price of the RIB at around $10K if memory is correct.

Replacing the tubes took all of a couple hours. Easy Peasy for two guys.

Kevin Sanders
Bayliner 4788
Seward, Alaska
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