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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy View Post
When I worked at Uniflite in the shop (70’s) we all washed in a huge tub of acetone about 3” deep. With our bare hands.

Oh Yes! Early 70's, when I worked at "Maine Coast Shipbuilding" [a "Ted Lang" operation that went belly up due to economy and other reasons; after only a few years] we used toluene to wash-up in when having resin on our unprotected hands. Luckily, I was mostly on the assembly line area where we were fastening in the interior and exterior trim work on FG boats. I don't mind working with fiberglass... but not every day, Please!!!


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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy View Post
FG boats are not really glass boats.
They are plastic boats. People call them glass boats because the word plastic is ofensive. They are fibreglass reinforced plastic boats. Like reinforced concrete w rebar. But the FG boats are plastic boats.
And people who prefer wood boats refer to fiberglass boats as "plastic" for the very same reason.

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I was also fascinated by the outboard motor.
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Me too Howard,
When we were going to college in the early 70’s I lived on a houseboat. As in a house on big floating logs. Was at the mouth of the Snohomish River. My friend had a 16’ cedar planked Rinell and I had a cedar planked Morris. He ran a 33hp Scott Atwatter and I had an 18hp Evinrude. Tiller skiffs. I would stand in the center of the boat holding on to a rope attached to both gunnel’s. Larry’s went so fast he had ti sit.
My days of youth were filled w old boats and cars. Nothin’s changed.

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GRP , "glass reinforced plastic" seems the best description.

"I also understand that when larger boats began to be built with FG the hulls were massively overbuilt."

Yes, the early old boats thought hull thickness was the key to strength , longevity.

They were mostly correct, a 400% safety factor basically means the hull will flex very little if at all.The USCG requirement for over 6 passengers.

What they did not yet know was that a good core could make the vessel quite stiff from hull thickness with minimum weight.

When resin went from .19c a pound to about .75 , they stuck balsa in the middle to save resin cost .Only later did they find out a cored hull was superior , tho balsa is out of favor these days as its flaws are known.
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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy View Post
I remember in the early 50’s an add by “Beetle Boats”.
They were heavy and crude. But they kept at it.
Some time ago I had a Beetleroo dinghy. She was longer but Daddy cut off the transom of the sink and shortened her. That was so she would fit across our transom which was 11' . I think he took out less than a foot though I'm not certain. Then he glassed her back together.

That boat went through a lot. She and I had many adventures.

Article here:

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