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Finally WiFi/My Island WiFi problems

Are any customers without service? We saw that they were not accepting any new clients a few weeks ago and now, in the last few days, we have lost service. A call to the home office say that there are “date of service” issues and that a statement will be sent out soon.

I suspect that they are renegotiating their deal with ATT since I doubt that the provider knew just how much data we would use as time went on.

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Hey Guys - you are not alone. Spoke with our very cruiser-connected friends (you know who we mean) last night and they are also having connectivity issues and report hearing the same from a lot of people. Bummer as we were looking forward to possibly trying Finally in the coming months.

-The M/Y OLOH Crew
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Hopefully they will get a new contract , there system works great in the FL wilderness , although its a bit expensive.

I had hoped 5G might get into our area , but it looks years away.
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Yep. Their Customer service said there was some misunderstanding or something with AT&T and IWF's lawyers were straightening it out. Or words to that effect.

Had it for about 10 months and actually, am surprised it lasted this long. Now saying that, I don't know the details. But the reason my thoughts tended this way is I've had two other Internet accounts with MVNO's that were a wee bit questionable, and they both went away sooner or later (first Millenicom and then a school district I forget the name of).

I am not saying this is the case with Island Wi-Fi, because I don't know. But in at least one of the prior cases, the MVNO assignment from Verizon was apparently for a theoretical small population (a school district), but then they started selling it to anyone and everyone. Eventually they were "figured out" and the service went away.

Don't know if Island is the same situation. I hope not. But the skeptic in me thinks the service may not come back
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