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Fiberglass vs rubber

I am replacing my exhaust plumbing on a gulfstar trawler. 3 inch diameter wet exhaust no muffler. Mechanic suggested using fiberglass exhaust pipe with rubber connection on the ends instead of complete rubber. Any thoughts?

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Not really much difference , I would let price be my guide.

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Fiberglass tube with rubber at the joints is what was done from the factory on my boat for the runs from the mufflers to the transom. Over a long run, I'd think the fiberglass is better, as it's stiffer than rubber hose and probably more durable.
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I've changed from rubber to fiberglass on my 44' sundeck. Exhaust is 6" no problems what so ever. As a bonus the exhaust is straighter now and the water flows more evenly
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There are pros and cons which often are run pathway specific. One thing to avoid are transition joints that are hidden and can be unseen leak spots. Our vessel's 16' hose is one run, two sweeps, a few minor bends and no joints. In our case rubber "fits" much better than FRP.

There are different qualities and suitability for each so best to price out the right stuff, installed. BTW, the rubber run on your vessel lasted about 35+ years?
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It’s a good idea to insure that your wet exhaust drains completely when the motor is off, and that’s not always possible with rubber hoses that will droop between hangers.
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Ours is almost all rubber. I donít think that it would be possible to replace it with hard tubing without destroying the interior, so that is probably why it is hose not tubing. I did put in Otter guards since it is all rubber.

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