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Every day on the water is paradisiacal.

Wifey B: I'm in heaven.

Dancing cheek to cheek but being on the water as well.

We've had threads asking our favorite boating places and hubby often says it's the place he just visited, the one he is in now, and the one he's about to see.

I go in expecting little sometimes. We started this summer in Croatia. Only really because it wouldn't use Schengen days but fell in love with it. No more beautiful cruising grounds in the world. You see fortresses from centuries past and history surrounded by a rebuilt and very modern world and all that with islands and coasts of beauty. I don't know how they get all the coast for themselves but also from Bosnia and Herzegovenia. Also, we haven't made it to their neighbor, Slovenia, but must in September as Luka and his cohorts made the Olympic semi-finals, a country with only 2 million people against the giants of the world and their love of their country and praise of it, I must see it, as it sits on the coast between Croatia and Italy and inland has Austria and Hungary as neighbors.

We made it to Monaco and to Antibes and to Barcelona and they're all such incredible places in their own rights. Around briefly to Gibraltar, Portugal, Guernsey and to Poole, UK as we had to visit Sunseeker. But then more surprises beyond words after. Until we started planning, we really weren't knowledgeable about the rivers of Europe. We knew we couldn't cruise some of the canals but didn't imagine we could cruise the rivers. Fly into London, fly into Paris, all you want but just like nothing compares to coming to NYC by water and seeing the Statue of Liberty there, nothing compares to London by the River Thames or Paris by the Seine. We cruised on the Thames to the towers and on the Seine to the smaller Statue of Liberty and by the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

Now in Amsterdam. Today was Volendam, Edam and lots of Windmills. So beautiful. Going out tomorrow in RIBs and exploring the canals after the Van Gogh museum. Tonight we explored the red-light district. First the museum, Red Lights Secrets. Then the Moulin Rouge and Casa Rosso. We checked out coffee shops but didn't partake of any substance since licensed captains. We ended the evening by selecting one of the ladies in the windows and going up and paying just to talk and learn more of life as a prostitute in Amsterdam. Then ferry quickly back to our boat.

I know many of you say it's not about the destinations but to us it's the cruising, the arrivals, and the destinations. It's the total experience.

Yes, we're vaccinated and masked and socially distance. We still avoid indoor restaurants unless a room just for our group. There have been limitations in some of our places, but we've made the most of them.

See, I'm just a poor little girl from the south who never imagined or dreamed, but did read along the way. Ultimately some fantasies. Still, nothing compares to the first hand experiences and nothing in my mind compares to arriving by water. The people throughout the world are wonderful and share so openly.

From here, we head to Scandinavia with an itinerary so well outlined by a member here for us. After the month of August, we'll fly home for a couple of weeks so from Scandinavia find a non-Schengen locale to linger and leave some with the boat and fly in and out, likely to be Faroe Islands unless unable to and then back to the UK. We'll fly home for two weeks or so. Up to day 28 of Schengen and will use three more here then 29 in Germany, Belgium and Scandinavia so will be close to 60. After more UK a trip back to The Netherlands and up a different river to Heesen in Oss, then back down the coast and remaining time in the Med, mostly Italy, and Greece and Slovenia and perhaps a non-Schengen revisit to Croatia. Then in October our Schengen days will run out as will warmth and home we'll go.

And, yes, "paradisiacal" is a real word, not one of my creation. I hope others of you are enjoying the water this summer and if not the water enjoying life. Any who would like to share their stories of joy and paradise are welcome to do so in this thread.

And a reminder while we celebrate "Life is Wonderful" we must remember always that it isn't for all and do anything we can to help those for whom it is not. Many are suffering greatly. Let's not ever forget or overlook them.
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Thank you. Well put. Safe Journeys!
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Wifey B posted...
We made it to Monaco and to Antibes and to Barcelona and they're all such incredible places in their own rights

The Cte D'Azure is indeed beautiful. We were kindly driven all over the place back in 2018. Two of our members moor their boat at Antibes. We had lunch on her. Lovely boat. Amazing place..!
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