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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy View Post
Well that’s how we choose our products.
What was the problem w the pumps? It’s interesting that both fuel pumps had the problem .. assuming they had the same problem. How’d that happen?

Re the name the only thing that bothers me is the Penta part. Why not just call them Volvos?
But “sexist”? Don’t even see a whiff of that.
Fuel pumps, who knows... age, fuel issue or whatever. But at $1000 a pop they are more expensive than aircraft fuel pumps! And to have to wait for them, was brutal.

Volvo or Penta.... I'll pass.

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All of them have pros and cons, I have run them all at one time or anther and due to my experience would lean towards thr Cummins, my 6bta was an outstanding powerplant, a little noisy but very good economy, smooth power and parts are reasonably priced as well as readily available. Volvo, as mentioned, tends to be on the costly side for parts including regular maintenance spares and one should be prepared to wait if a part needs to be ordered... Yanmar builds a fine motor and I would certainly own another if the opportunity presented itself.
More important than make of motors is maintenance and condition not only of the engine room but the entire vessel. If I may, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good survey, do your due diligence and find a surveyor who is both familier with the make and model of your target boat but is also NOT unaffiliated or recommended by the listing broker, find your own. Depending on your budget you may be shopping for a boat that is 30 years old, maybe more or, perhaps you're flush and looking at boats a couple of years old. Either way, your best line of defense is a good professional surveyor. Good luck

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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy View Post

Most here would say buy Cummins but is seems it’s mostly that it’s a decision powered by vogueness among boaters. You appear to know what you’re talking about if you say Cummins Cummins Cummins. God’s boat in Cummins powered.

Cracks me up in boat, truck and for sale forums when folks are so proud of that brand and then write Cummings....
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There are so many factors that goes into choosing an engine that powers a boat. This includes new production models. In a repower rarely is a simple change out of just the engine takes place. Some repowers requires the entire running gear to be modified. and updated. The simple factor of size can truly restrict you to one or two brands.

The engine manufacturers continue to improve their weight ratios , which is a big factor for builders behind modernizing their electronics these days. Of course this is also a downside, to include being hit by lightening which can shut the engine completely down and leaving you dead in the water.

Of course this is just platitudes , but you cannot just say one engine brand is better. The devil in the details. For mid sized boats some of the manufacturers are better, coupled with the consideration of the bottom design. The key issue is for trawlers to not be under powered, in my point of view, even when most hull speeds max out under 10 knots.

Oh as far as pricing, well a cheap or an expensive engine is not worth a damn when it craps out and you cannot get parts and even a mechanic in the timely manner to fix the dang thing.

So if you don't plan on doing an around the world cruise, pick an engine that you can get serviced easily and for sure parts even at your local tractor supply company for us simple guys when going diesel .
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Cart before the horse?

Not sure which boat you've settled on, but I simply can't imagine the engine factoring into the purchase decision unless everything else is exactly equal...and that never happens.

My advice...if there are three boats you are looking at, buy the best example of the three regardless of the engine. Most everything about a boat -- condition, location, maintainence, etc. is much more important than which engine it has.

Of course, there are some exceptions. There are a few (very few) engines out there that have been troublesome over the years. Caterpillar 3116/3126 is a notable example.

There are also "underpowered" considerations. Several manufacturers (Carver for one) have offered 'price-point' engine options which leave the boat under-powered, unable to ever get up on plane, which results in these boats leaving huge wakes and burning up their engines prematurely.

Each of the engines you mentioned are excellent. I have personal experience with 6BTA and 6LYA, and a veteran professional diesel mechanic freind of mine swears by his Volvos.

Buy the best boat and learn to love the engines it comes with...
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Thanks to all who have replied I very much appreciate it ����⛴
“It’s not the speed that kills, it is the sudden stop at the end!”
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Originally Posted by mom-mac View Post
We have had Volvo in FL and they were just not cooled well enough fot our water temps. Cummins except 555. Especially the newer ones.
What is the issue with the 555's?
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Great post .. #45
Keep’em comming


North Western Washington State USA
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