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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post
As I said, no pickling necessary.
".. if you run two water makers alternatively."

Even if you have one water maker and only run it once a week you don't have to pickle.

Not sure why you introduced pickling at all in this example?

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Originally Posted by menzies View Post
Not sure why you introduced pickling at all in this example?
Merely so TF pundits could pontificate, as I did to the OP's excellent original post.

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Thank you for posting. Great insights and info.
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Go cruising as soon as you can afford to without undue financial burden. Life is too short to miss out on your dreams.
Cons: Beware of an old inflatable dinghy. Air leaks are no fun.
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Originally Posted by Freespool View Post
Fortunately, we carry 350 gallons of water and we can purchase it in any marina for a cost of .40 per gallon. Losing our water maker has just become a minor inconvenience, not a trip killer.
WOW 40 cents per gallon for water? We used to pay that here for diesel. I suppose when faced with that cost you really need to be on top of your cruise planning and logistics, especially if your water tank is not large enough for an entire voyage.
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Thanks for the report on how others do it
I always find it interesting

. Originally Posted by Freespool
Fortunately, we carry 350 gallons of water and we can purchase it in any marina for a cost of .40 per gallon. Losing our water maker has just become a minor inconvenience, not a trip killer
We have 3000 litres /800 gallons that we use and another 2000 litres / 500 gallons that can be brought online (currently ballast )

We also have our top deck drains simply rigged for water collection, in the last couple of days we have added approx 500 gallons of clean water to our tanks.

If we do need to use a tap for a fill which we do once or twice a year, we have had no one complain about putting a few thousand litres on when buying $1000 in diesel.

Your davit issue makes me again appreciate the manual 3 speed trailer winch setup on ours.
It is a love hate relationship we have and I have looked at replacing them several times but.......they are seemingly indestructible and provide several minutes of upper body exercise a day.
Going 2:1 via pulleys as well as the 3 speed on the winch has made things a lot easier.
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Excellent Freespool, especially the info on guests, just sent it to my wife and friends who all start yelling at me went approach in the dock.
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Instead of buying pre-made dock lines, buy a 600' spool of good quality 3-strand nylon rope (I bought New England Rope from Jamestown Supply), and splice your own. you can make your loops any size you want, and your lines any length you may need. There are several good Youtube videos on splicing techniques. I seize the ends with heat-shrink tape; that'll last a year or two, and is easily replaced.

And never confuse a plan with a schedule.
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Thanks for the post, added some ideas to my prep list. We are heading to the Abaco's next month, first time on our boat rather than chartering. 36' Endeavour TrawlerCat.
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Water Filtration

Great post. I might add one point about drinking water. Instead of using a Brita, which provides minimal filtration because it's just charcoal, you might check out Berkey. Here's the link to the American website. We have a Big Berkey aboard and the water is fantastic. You can even dump water straight from the lake and it will clean it far better than just charcoal.
Ross Wilson
Freelance Writer/Author
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Thank you, having just completed a trip through the Bahamas from Tortola by way of the Dominican Republic to Florida I could have used several of your suggestions and will on our way up to New England. Mainship 34 Pilot. Joe
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+1 on the Brita, lots of canned meats, label maker, Sharpies, and the email to guests telling them what to bring (and NOT bring!), and what to expect. We actually tell our guests to purchase travel insurance, on the off chance that something goes wrong on our end that means they can't come.

RE: dinghy theft - we spent 8 months all over the Bahamas and never locked our dink, and never heard of anyone having a dink stolen. We left it tied to the swim platform every night (unless we hoisted it onto the deck for an early a.m. departure), and for one three month period (when our Steelhead crane was inop) it was tied up every single night. I'm sure dinghy theft happens, and it has to happen only once to you to ruin your day (and maybe your trip), but I wanted to comment on your comment that dinghy theft is fairly common in the Bahamas. That's certainly not been our experience.
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"Zip lock baggies – one gallon are great for left overs. We brought two boxes and could have used another two. They are expensive here. We are buying meats in large quantities and are freezing them in zip locks. "

One other thing you can do with the smaller size is use them to store eggs. We crack a couple dozen eggs into a large bowl then ladle them into a sandwich size zip lock baggie. Each baggie holds about 3 eggs. Freeze them flat and stack them in the freezer. Take one out for each omelet the night before and put it in the freezer so it's ready the next morning.

Also, since several states and Canada now allow recreational use of marijuana, it is still prohibited at the federal level. If a guest wants to bring some onto the boat, have him buy it in Canada if you're headed that direction. It's not worth it to try to sneak it across the border.

Mike and Tina
Beachcomber 1995 Sea Ray 550 Sedan Bridge
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