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RE: Comfort vs fear

Carl- When we are going out and there is any chance of foul weather we drop the paravave arms and secure the rigging. Once the arms are set you need to STOP the vessel of fwd motion before you deploy/drop the birds/fish/paravanes. As far as crossing the Gulf of Alaska goes with our boat we have crossed it going north because we purchased the boat in Puget Sound and were transporting her home to South Central Ak. We traveled south across the Gulf a couple of years ago so the we could cruise the Inside Passage and head towards Puget Sound. Once we arrived in Puget Sound we decided to relocate from Ak to the PNW. On three other occasions we crossed the Gulf of Ak to transport a 66 foot custom cruise boat, this was a business sort of a deal. Of these three crossings two were good and one was horable! I was sick the entire trip and the seas looked like mountians.

Rob and Anne
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Comfort vs fear

I don't go out when the wx reports anything with a 3 or more in it.

But hey, my boat is for luxury cruising along with my personality.

Look at my avitar. The sea state was just about approaching my limits. HA.

-- Edited by timjet on Friday 22nd of April 2011 09:28:12 AM
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RE: Comfort vs fear

I cruise for pleasure and go to sea for a living.
When I make a living everything is acceptable.
When I cruise, comfort is paramount and also the company of my better half.
We have a 15 knot rule, we don't go out if it is blowing more than 15 , Ok if it gets up whilst out we will head for an anchorage to see the weather out.
If this were not so I would be doing a lot of solo cruising.
On trips with the guys for fishing etc weather has to be put up with as there are schedules involved sometimes
Happy cruising does not usually involve the constraints of a schedule.

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RE: Comfort vs fear

skipperdude wrote:
Say you have been planning a trip for weeks and.

If the weather report say's 30 knt winds seas to 5 ft do you go out any way or stay in the harbor?

What is you comfort zone?

*Absolutely stay in the harbour. We were out in 20-25 knot winds for a long run last summer, and never again. These winds brought steady 8 footers with the occasional 10-12 footers so I would expect that 30 knots would probably bring much bigger waves than 5' in any event.

Another factor of course is whether you are going with, against, or across the waves.*

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RE: Comfort vs fear


You have your boat in the finest place on the planet for showing your friends a good time without subjecting them to any seasick generating roughness. Don't go across the Strait. stay in the Gulf Islands.
I speak from years of local knowledge. I kept my first boat in Tsehum Harbour for 7 years before yoining a Vancouver YC and moving moorage to coal Hbr in 1987. I also kept my boat at Point Roberts for 2 yrs in 84-86.
Plan a week long circuit that takes you up as far as Nanaimo. Visit Telegraph Hbr, Maple Bay, Monatgue, Poet's Cove, Silva bay, or quiet places like Princess or Conover, Retreat Cove, Prevost, Princess Margaret, Pt Browning. You won't run out of good stops to visit in a week and there won't be any chance of a rough crossing.
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RE: Comfort vs fear

It would depend on the reason for the trip. If it was just to take a boat ride; no way. If we had to be somewhere, those parameters would be about the max. Four years ago, when we picked up the boat, we had 4 days to get it home and 300 miles to get there. Small craft advisories were posted, but we had to go, so we did.
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Comfort vs fear

skipperdude wrote:
Say you have been planning a trip for weeks and.

If the weather report say's 30 knt winds seas to 5 ft do you go out any way or stay in the harbor?

What is you comfort zone?

*We boat in the exact same waters I believe, Whittier Alaska. I currently have the American Dream 28', and before that Taz, a 34 footer.

After a decade of boating in PWS, there's not weather that comes up that is dangerous for us or our boat.*That said if the weather's bad, we just wait a day or two for it to settle down and then go out. We prefer to be comfortable.

If we really want to go during rough weather, we just*stay out of the soup and head down to Bainbridge, Latouch areas. We can always find a quiet place down there.

You're in a different situation being a charter operator. You guys will anchor out in seas that are most uncomfortable because you have paying customers. We on the other hand do not need to produce*halibut on every trip.

-- Edited by ksanders on Monday 25th of April 2011 08:26:47 PM
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RE: Comfort vs fear

Every boat and crew is different.* It comes down to the judgement of the skipper.

I use the rule I learned from sailors.*

"when in doubt, don't go out."
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RE: Comfort vs fear

this is a very interesting question.*

Where we keep our boat, on the south end of the San Francisco Bay, it is a given that the "wind machine"*is going to "turn on" every day by 2pm except in the winter.**The good side is, we ARE inside a big bay so usually the seas aren't bad.* If the wind and current are opposing it can be interesting but there is a limit to how bad it can get, unless there is a storm or remnants of one.* In that case (storm), we probably would postpone our*trip.* We generally only have storms in the winter so "in season" as long as we plan to leave the dock early we are usually ok.** We have waited out a storm with gusts over 50 knots and when we did leave around 3 pm to get home it was smooth and pleasant with winds 15-20 with the current.* Unfortunately if our limit was 15 knots we'd*never*leave the dock.* Someday I want to boat somewhere where it isn't over 15 knots EVERY DAY, all season.*
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RE: Comfort vs fear

Pineapple Girl wrote:
*Someday I want to boat somewhere where it isn't over 15 knots EVERY DAY, all season.*
San Fran is sailboat heaven.

Come to the PNW/BC/SE Alaska for summertime cruising.* During a recent*voyage to SE Alaska, we got almost 500 miles north of Seattle before we saw a sailboat with the sails up.

Of course, if you stay on the ocean side of things, there will be wind.* But the interior island passages are relatively calm.
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