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As I have said before there have been a fair few Aussie built "Coastal Cruisers" that have crossed oceans and gone round the globe.
Most of these were in the 49 to 54 ft range, timber planked hulls but with a range of approx 2000 NM, Gardner engine usually a 6LX or a 6LXB and with 3000 to 4000 lts fuel. Back up with some drums for the extras at time.
Nordlys I mentioned in a previous thread was one of these and this was back in 1988.
Says a lot for these solidly built timber motor cruisers and I know Nordlys didn't have window shields.
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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post
GG would be well served to communicate with Dutchman.

Also note his use of the wing engine, good thing it is there. I have in front of me the fuel burn of a KK52 with either a single JD 6068 or twin JD 4045s. The 4045s use about 10% more fuel at the same speed but the 6068 did not have the drag of a wing engine - it should.
@Sunchaser, Sorry but I am not the author of this very well wiritten article, see the original article published by Dolph McCranie,

I am a Dutch Naval Engineer who invested a lot of time to find the balance between a "Motor only Passagemaker" and alternatives.

In this respect I can advice people to come to a decision.
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Originally Posted by Reiziger View Post
I am a dutch naval engineer who invested a lot of time to find the balance between a motor only passagemaker and alternatives. In this respect I can advice people to come to a decision.
I understand. That is exaclty why I said GG needs to communicate with proven blue water cruisers/designers like you or Tad Roberts who have put a lot of thought into the issues and cannot or chooses not to buy something like a Nordhavn, Watson or similar expensive blue water vessel.
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Originally Posted by ksanders View Post
Its funny, but a boater could easily read a thread like this one, (which is typical of internet based ocean boating discussions) and get so scared they never leave the safety of the harbor, or protected waters.

What a shame that would be. What a world they, and others that never venture forth would miss.

I admit that cruising away from the safety of the dock, or the bay poses risks. To some those risks are unacceptable. They are the dreamers. you'll hear them say "if I only had a bigger, or more capable boat I'd go" or "someday I'll have a XXXXX boat and be able to go".

Those people, and yes there are a few here, think guys like me venturing out into the Gulf Of Alaska, or Guys like SCARY taking his 26' Bayliner to Alaska are fools. That we put ourselves and our families at risk.

All I can say is that we're here, we're alive, and we've had a great adventure along the way. There's no wishing for us. Our only limitation is the time to fulfill our dreams.
You got it right. I also remember your other post as you were crossing the Gulf and how you handled the unexpected seas halfway across.

Love the pic of the chart plotter and cape Suckling with Kayak Island. I have heard many many stories of commerical fisherman taking a skiff from Yakatat to Cordova.
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