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Charter / Training

Hi Folks ! New here on the forum. Have been lurking for a bit and really enjoy reading all of the informative and interesting posts here !

I am really interested in getting a boat sometime in the next years. Has always been a dream of mine. I have experience with boating from small sailboats, pontoons, up to about a 25 ft cuddy cabin type boat.

Looking to get some time aboard and exposure to running the boat. Wanting the wife to see what it might be like to do something like this in the somewhat near future. Not really expecting to become fully competent, just some experience.

I have been in contact with a captain who offers "training" on his dual screw boat. My wife and I will be in the area he operates later this year. We will not have time for his entire 3 day program so I have asked him for something custom. Here is what he is offering and I am interested in opinions on the pricing. For the record I thought it sounded like an ok price, the wife thought something different.

- 2 days total. Boat is a 40' twin engine trawler
- Arrive in the afternoon of day one and stay overnight on the boat
- Day 1.
- Captain arrives in the morning and gives intro and overview of the boat and systems
- Leave the marina and travel what looks like approximately 20 miles up the Cape Fear River to Wilmington, NC. Spend the night on the boat at a marina. Presumably it would be me operating the boat under the direction of the captain

- Day 2 leave Wilmington and operate the boat back down river to its home base.

Captain is including everything in the price including a couple of breakfasts and lunches. We would most likely eat in restaurants each night.

He is asking $1300 for the two of us. To me that sounded reasonable. As mentioned wife had other thoughts.

Any educated opinions here are appreciated !
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Sounds to me like an outing but it is not spelled out exactly what he intends to teach you over 2 days. To me the learning is more important and may not require a 20 mile trip which may teach very little, don't know. Secondly, you better listen to the wife
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Chapmans seamanship and small boat handling will explain most of what you need to learn , free at any library..

Hands on "monkey see monkey do" is the normal way of learning boat handling.

Be sure to get 4-5 hours of hands on, , as well as a couple of demonstrations on anchor deployment and recovery.

Overnight anchored would be better learning experience than slip bound in some marina.
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I agree with Allan.
While the price seems ok to me if that's a total for 2 people, I would ask for a more specific curriculum for the time spent u/w, as well as docking, readying and getting underway. Will there be any additional training/discussion after hours or is it essentially 9-5?

Don't be afraid to ask the Captain for his experience.
If he get's insulted, that's an indication to me to move along.

Is he a licensed and insured corporate entity?
Who is responsible for damage should something go wrong, or murphy shows up?
Always cover your bases.

I also agree that anchoring out might provide both better experience as well as give the wife a better idea of what life on board may be like.

Just some food for thought.
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Hi and thanks for the replies ! Good things to think about as we make our plans.
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Wifey B: You said presumably it would be you operating the boat? I had presumed it would be you half the time and your wife half the time.

If he's experienced and qualified the price sounds reasonable.
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Capt Randy has endless knowledge of boating, pricing and cost. I recommend him. It's well worth the money. He will train you in docking and anchoring and all the systems.
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