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A Change In Plans

Well it was bound to happen eventually but after three trawlers and living aboard (part time) for over five years we decided this was not right time to build another trawler and have changed course.

A few of you may recall our posts regarding the new build we had started with an undisclosed builder (not Nordhavn) but we kept things close to the vest. Looking back I'm glade we did take this approach since our decision had nothing to do with the builder but rather our own life issues. We know first hand how life can throw you a curve ball and how spending time aboard can be either a blessing or a hardship. While our health was not the reason for changing course, we are dealing with aging parents issues on the other coast and the whole live aboard life style was just not adding up for me this time around. As much as we love boating and trawlers I found myself pushing this boat instead of the concept and the boat pulling me in. So instead we decided to buy a beach house (OK as close to the beach as we can afford in San Diego) and look forward to walking to the bay every night after dinner.

As far as boating goes I'm done with trawlers (for awhile) and switching my focus back to a day boat to use the next few years. Just the idea of something simple like a Downeast picnic boat has me excited (again). Budget will be tight with the second home so I will be looking for something super clean but used like our previous Nordhavn 35. I know the boat is out there and look forward to the months ahead researching and looking for that special "bucket list" boat. Until then I wish everyone a great fall season of boating and happy holidays!

John T.

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Mr. 4061. Our loss. I wish you happiness, health and well being in your future endeavors. Safe journey my friends...

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Well, the best to you!

I dont know if it makes a difference, but you could easily buy a late model boat of your choice and position it in any of San Diegos wonderful harbors!

I've been looking at California because of the great weather, and slips are available for at least in my mind a pretty reasonable price.

The way I look at it, a boat can be a wonderful condo on the water!
Kevin Sanders
Bayliner 4788
Seward, Alaska
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Best of health and luck with San Diego as your home! I have my land base in Oceanside. It is my favorite place to be.
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All the best, as long as you are near the water everything will be alright...
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Aging parents are a very difficult situation for the children. I'm 72 and still caring for my mother, who, before long will turn 99. I understand the trying decision you have faced, and one that I also wrestle with daily.

Best of luck to you and best wishes for a happy future on or near the water.

Magic, 1996 Grand Banks Europa
Westport, CT and Stuart, FL
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Good luck and it sounds like you are happy with your decision and that is all the matters.
Thank you for your contributions and advice.
Richard on Dauntless,
New York

a Kadey Krogen 42 currently:
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I'm sure you will locate the "correct" picnic boat to satisfy your needs and desires. Just cause you will be trawler-less please don't hesitate to keep contributing on TF. One toe in the water and eye on a compass is about all that's needed to stay interested in boating. Bet there's another "Trawler" in your future!

I well understand and empathize with you (as many here do) regarding pressures of our "folks" as their requirements become extreme. I had my spin on that eight years ago; parents in Maine while I'm in SF. Currently we're going through it with our 91 year old matriarch, Ruth... Linda's mom. Luckily she's only a mile from us and we have family here for assistance. Ruth's still sharp as a tack. With daily help from one of many we have been able to keep her living in her same home; she and hubby bought it 1951. Linda's with her right now for a visit, general house pick-up, and a chat. Time will tell which way the tides turn toward Ruth's final hurrah! For last couple years her needs have greatly slowed our boating, by about a 75% reduction. Cause, we dock 100 miles away and when we visit our Tolly-boat it's for minimum 3 days (preferably four or more) cruisen, hooken, swimmen... and, generally enjoyen!

Happy Liven (and boaten) Daze! - Art
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Best wishes John. As they say, fair winds and following seas whatever you do.
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Well, for now I guess it's getting out the ole lawn mower. Trading the bilge for the beach isn't all that bad for a while.

"When life gets hard, eat marshmallows”.
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I wish you and your wife all the best in this latest stage of boating. Please note I did not say "last stage" as there's always a future. For yours, happiness always.

Janice aboard Seaweed, living the good life afloat...
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