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Can you do a Loop as a single with a Ranger ?

Just doing a little future window shopping.

Can you do a loop as a single 80 % of the time
with a Ranger 31 CB Tug ?

Just curious.

or any other trailerable trawlers

Any opinions are valued.

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Single engine?

Single person?

Yes to all.......

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Here is the link to a blog of a woman who single handed a Ranger 25' through the loop.

Tanya's Great Loop Adventure

I would think a Ranger 31 would be very similar.
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Single person,
I just don't think I can convince the wife to
leave the grand-kids for a long period of time.

Probably just a few weeks, here and there.

I might try to get a few friends to come along a
few times, but my planning is to go it alone.

I read her book , very interesting but I'm looking
for any Ranger owners with comments.
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People have done the loop on a jet ski. I think it depends on how comfortable you want to be and what your restrictions are in terms of time and money.
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Therefore problem would be locking ,holding position with only one person in the smaller locks.

In big locks ,no sweat there is a floating rider,so a single midship line is fine.

Smaller locks have 2 lines to be handled going up or down.
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The TugNuts • Index page
..."some gave all, KIA"...
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I will be doing the Loop this summer in a 45' boat single handed. If you're very capable handling the boat, the Loop shouldn't be a problem. Getting some experience with docking and locking solo before starting the Loop would be a very good idea.

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I just completed the loop last year, 90 percent single handed. Over 130 locks and 8000 miles. I think boat choice is very important. Your Ranger should be a good choice, with a pilothouse door. The Erie Canal locks are the most difficult, with slimy weighted ropes. Depending on the wind you may only use one rope on the midships cleat(if your boat doesn't have them, plan on adding them). If you are alone in the lock the lockmaster may allow you to "hover". When I asked he said "it's your boat". Fender well, I use a ball fender on each end and 4 or 5 regular down the side. Usually you can tie to the same side each time, but confirm with the lockmaster before you get there.

I kept 6 dock lines attached to cleats, one on each corner and midships on both sides, coiled and tied to the rail with a "gear tie"(Home Depot) so a dock hand could grab it while I was at the helm. That saved my bacon more than once.

The loop is a fantastic trip, and quite a feeling of accomplishment solo.

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We did the loop last year, and at times traveled with single handling boaters. Two of them were in 25' (approx.) sailboats. When locking in Ottawa, the lock masters asked for a spectator to help one of the sailboats. A bystander got aboard (with the boater's permission) and took the bow lines. Wind and weather prompted the need for assistance.
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"Do a loop"
That was a bit confusing. Had visions of people jumping up in the air like gymnastics.
Do "the" loop probably woulda registered.

People have been known to ride jetskis to Alaska though.

North Western Washington State USA
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The Ranger Tugs have bow and stern thrusters. I would think that would make things a bit easier
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As most locks operate the norm is to secure the engine.

Not sure the thruster batts could be recharged during distance between some locks.

Oversized 15 inch midship cleat is essential.

Crew might be borrowed from another cruiser .
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It also seems possible to start a loop as a couple and find yourself single by the end of it. But that's neither here nor there.

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