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Bromine taps in raw water strainers good or snake oil

My friend who also owns a Mainship puts Bromine Taps in the Raw water strainer bowl for both his AC and Generator strainers. He think it could cut down on potential growth in the cool system lines.

What do you think. To me I would think it would make little difference??

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Yes, it does cut down on marine growth (used it in my AC system). I became concerned with that it might be corroding the condenser coils and stopped using them. I found shutting down the AC units, closing the seacock and running a dehumidifier for a few days worked better. Closing the seacock shut off the flow of water with oxygen. When the water was depleted of oxygen, the marine organisms died. The dehumidifier kept the humidity in the boat below 50%.


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If you put them in the strainer that supplies the Head, does it also kill the stink that grows between uses?
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I use copper plumbing fittings from the hardware store. A couple in each basket
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Ya know... I am not criticizing any of the members that post this, but I have seen both of these claims of bromine and copper fittings many times on this forum. I'd love to see some actual testing and science applied to these, and maybe some other, solutions some day (unless there is some that can be pointed to). It feels both legit... AND... a little old wive's tail-ish.
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I would imagine for some boats and sometimes it works...thus the stories.

I can't imagine that someone hasn't marketed it if there was more than s shread of evidence of it working.

Can't believe the ultrasonic people aren't on it, surprised the bottom paint people aren't selling a strainer paint, can't believe someone isn't all over it, let alone proving/marketing any of it.

I stick with cleaning it occasionally until I see some evidence show it works more often than anecdotally.
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Moved from the "Marlow - Mainship" to "General Discussion" sub-forum as this is not a brand specific subject.

I can see the potential benefits of bromine, it requires water rushing over it t dissolve the tablets, and works well in hot water. I suspect sitting in a strainer can achieve that. I assume it would work as well preventing growth in a cooling system as it does in a hot tub/spa.

Copper's natural resistance to bacteria is why it is frequently used in door handles and push plates on doors. It has been a proven biocide for anti-fouling. However, I am curious about whether copper fittings can leach sufficient amounts of copper to be effective.
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Originally Posted by meridian View Post
I use copper plumbing fittings from the hardware store. A couple in each basket
Me too, at least in the AC strainer basket, for about the last 3 years. Don't seem to notice much in the way of marine growth, anymore... but that might just be coincidental.

Doesn't do anything for silt, mud, weeds/grass, etc. of course.

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The science has already been done. Google "bromine copper corrosion" or this paper
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Bromine is naturally in salt water. I would think marine organisms would be somewhat immune to it. As a sanitizer, bromine tablets dissolve much slower than chlorine. The tablets last a long time in a pool system. I wouldn't think there would be enough bromine, given the volume of water a salt water pump moves, to kill anything.

When I cruise, I try to anchor and spend some time in river mouths to flush my engines exchangers and plumbing with fresh water.
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FWIW, when you put Bromine tablets in sea water, you get bromine gas bubbles. I did an experiment with aluminum foil immersed in sea water with hot tub tablets added. The aluminum had holes eaten in it. Bromine gas in the form of methyl bromide is great stuff if you want to sterilize a field because it kills everything.

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