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Scraping Paint
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Boat transport

We're all familiar with Dockwise and the other companies who offer boat transport using a semi-submersible transport ship.

In looking up some information I needed for the part of my PT story I'm currently working on, I just came across these photos.* Thought they provide an interesting contrast to how larger boats are moved today.* A lot of labor (and wood and steel) involved here.

The ship in this case is the SS Joseph Stanton, a Liberty shop.* PTs were also shipped to the combat theatres on the decks of tankers.* In fact it was a gunner on a PT in a shipping cradle on the tanker USS Ramapo that is generally credited for scoring the first hit against a Japanese plane in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Note that one of the PTs on the Stanton is 109 on it's way from the Elco plant via the Norfolk Navy Yard to the Pacific theatre.

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RE: Boat transport

Great pictures Marin.

I am really looking forward to the book. You have left a few hints, here and there, about the subject matter, but they are just hints.

None the less, I want to buy a signed copy.

I've taken a tour of a Liberty ship, and visited a yard where some were built. Amazing.

Palm Coast FL
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Scraping Paint
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Boat transport

Mike wrote:

I am really looking forward to the book.
Well, you've got a long wait.* I work on it when I have time but Boeing has this stupid notion that they want a return on what they pay me.* Then they do things lke send me off to China or Norway or wherever for weeks at a time.

And I've been hired to do a few for-hire writing jobs over the last several years that have taken up a lot of my free time, one of them a very interesting book that never seems to get finished.* I finish it, and then the person whose company it's about calls and says, 'Hey, I've put the printing on hold, we need to put one more thing in."* I thought it was all done a few months ago and then just last week Amazon announced they were buying three blocks of downtown Seattle and putting up three millinon-square-foot high-rises and my "customer" called and I have yet another chapter to write.

And writing is hard work.* Not physically, of course.* But I read an interview with a famous writer who said "I love having written but I hate writing."* I can relate to that because it's very easy to put off sitting down and working on the story after a day at work or a week of work.* So it comes in spurts.

It is loads of fun, however, to become immersed in this whole other world my characters are living in and to see what they come up with in the situations I put them in.

But it took me ten years to research and write my current book, Success on the Step and then another three before it was published.

So don't hold your breath on this one.* I'm certainly not even though I've set a goal I won't make of finishing it this year.* But then it still has to be published which I can tell you is a lot harder and more work than the writing.* No different than music or a movie in that respect.

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RE: Boat transport

We'll wait, not patiently, but we'll wait . . .;-)
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