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Originally Posted by lostviking View Post
......If i get a pick-up too, I can have free fuel who is much more enviromentally friendly than to rape the oceans and suck out the blood of the earth.
Anyone who would post such garbage loses all credibility in my book. If you really want to save the environment, scrap your boat. And your car. truck, whatever. Walk wherever you need to go and grow your own food organically but not where loosened soil might drain into waterways or blow away.

And if you've ever had a friend or family member who was actually raped, you wouldn't throw that word around so casually.

While a few of us may be able to get "free" used oil from restaurants, there's not enough to go around and if it ever becomes popular and practical, the restaurants will begin selling the oil. Begging, hauling, filtering, and storing 100 gallons of used cooking oil in my back yard doesn't appeal to me, I just want to go boating. What should I do with the filtered residue, throw it in the garbage?

My question was on the possibilities and potential problems of commercial biodiesel manufactured and sold commercially from crops grown for the purpose. Most of the information presented seems to indicate that 5% or less biodiesel should not be a problem and may actually improve lubricity and reduce smoke. I think if I pulled up to the marina and they offered 100% conventional or 98% conventional /2% biodiesel, I would at least give it a try.
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Generally cars and boats pollute more while being produced than they do in their entire lifespan of use.

I am sorry if i offended someone with my language here, but I feel we really are destroying the earth by pumping all this oil out. I will not make a political thing out of it, as i got feedback that it was kind of trolling the thread.

My point was merely that I hope that if more people uses bio fuels, it will help the environment, even if it is only a 5% blend.

My point is that it is possible to drive on B-100, but you must be willing to do some actual work to get it done. I have proved it on an "impossible" engine on a car, and in time I will do it with my boat.
But sure, it is easier to just fill regular fossil fuel.
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